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Movie Review: The Game Changers

Legs Day

4 Great Lower Body Exercises

If you’re already an avid workout warrior, what comes to mind when you think of Legs Day? For most folks, the immediate reaction is probably something like “Ugh!” and the feeling of…

By Marc Gibson


Easy Tips for Making Sourdough Bread at Home

One of the impacts of so many of us spending more time at home and eating out less is that we’re cooking more. After a while, it gets old just heating up…

By Rudy Kunde

Fitness Trackers

4 Cool Fitness Gadgets

There was a time, not so many years ago when physical fitness and exercise involved nothing more technical than a heavy weight or a pair of running shoes. But, as the use…

By Rudy Kunde

Kids Outdoors

Why Sending Your Kids Outside Won’t Fix the Screen Time Problem

Adults often lament that their children aren’t living the carefree outdoor lifestyle they remember from their childhood. Screen time has replaced free time, and parents are left scratching their heads regarding what…

By Lindsey Mills


3 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Drink More Water

Increasing your H2O intake has long been known to have a positive impact on your overall wellness. People who intentionally drink more water often report glowing skin, better digestion, and reduced dehydration-related…

By Darren Weber


Lessons I Learned on a Snowboard

Like a lot of people who move to a part of the U.S. with mountains, after moving to Colorado in my twenties, I knew I wanted to pick up a snow sport. …

By Aiden O'Hara

Gym Equipment

5 Pieces of Essential Home Gym Equipment

2020 has brought a host of changes and challenges to virtually everyone. Just one of the many changes is how many people are now working from home and, with gyms and other…

By Richard Christiansen


4 Tips for Getting Your Family Outdoors More Often

We all know instinctively that a little fresh air and physical activity is good for our wellbeing. Why then, is it such a challenge to prioritize something as simple as going outside?…

By Richard Christiansen

Cast Iron Skillet

You are ready to cook on a Cast Iron Skillet, but is your Cast Iron Skillet ready for your first recipe?

Before you fire up that Gas Stove, BBQ, or Fire Pit and let’s make sure your cast iron skillet is ready and up to the task.  There can be some variation to…

By Lindsey Mills