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Apple Watch Series 6

Amazon Black Friday 2020 Top Deals

Black Friday may not be here quite yet, but the deals keep rolling out.

Great Holiday Tech Gadgets

Every holiday season brings a wave of exciting new tech gadgets to the market and 2020 is no exception.

By Emily Torp

Black Friday

Top Black Friday Deals

Want the best deals this holiday season?

By Emily Torp


A Few Tips for Cutting the Cord

Like many people, there came a point when I took a look at my monthly bill for cable/satellite TV and various streaming video services and just thought it was much too high for what I was getting out of it.  I had the common realization that while my cable provider delivered hundreds of channels to […]

By Marc Gibson

Video Game

Family-Friendly Xbox Game Review: Overcooked! (1st Edition)

For family fun including up to 4 players on a single console, Overcooked! is a great way to get belly laughs and fierce competition rolling with your whole family on your next Xbox game night. This game’s premise is simple – a team of chefs works together in the fictional Onion Kingdom to complete orders […]

By Marc Gibson

Virtual Meeting

Three Tips for Running your Next Virtual Meeting

If you’re one of the many people working from home in 2020, you have no doubt become intimately familiar with possibly the biggest trend in business this year – the virtual meeting. While you may have been on video conference calls in the past, 2020 has brought the activity to an entirely new level. Now […]

By Emily Torp

Video Games

Family-Friendly XBox Games

We live in a highly-connected world. Gone are the days where several people needed to be physically present in the same room on the same console to enjoy group gaming. Nowadays, gaming consoles such as the XBox have made it easy to join games virtually to bring players together in fun and unique ways. Whether […]

By Lindsey Mills

Movie Theater

The Future of Movie Theaters

Matinees and Daily Doubles For years, it’s been easy to wonder about the long-term future of movie theaters. When I was a kid, movie tickets were a few dollars (and super cheap on certain days of the week). Concessions were always pricier than just buying a soda and candy from the grocery store, but still, […]

By Tianna West

Apple Device

Apple Device Trade-In Program – Good for Your Wallet and the Environment

Trading in your old or unused Apple device is one way to recoup some of your initial expenses when you are no longer using that device. Many Apple fans may be surprised at how easy Apple has made it to receive a quote for your device and return it for credit towards a new purchase […]

By Tony Rosenbaum

Music Recording

At-Home Music Creation, Simplified

It is easy to become overwhelmed with gadgetry and all the things that you think you need to create your next musical work of art.  Many creators go to great lengths to obtain enough gear to rival any online retailer, only to leave most of it in the closet in exchange for whatever easy plug-in […]

By Emily Torp