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What is Starlink?

Starlink is in its phase of beta testing. What does that mean for your internet at home?

iPhone SE

iPhone SE vs iPhone Xr

Thinking about the new iPhone SE? here's a quick comparison of the that against the Xr and 11 models.

By Richard Christiansen

Smart Home

Best Smart Home Products

Looking to up your at-home tech game? Here are the best smart home products.

By Marc Gibson

PIA24428 Perseverance Landing

Science Fiction Meets Reality in 2022

Our best sci-fi entertainment has been going strong for decades now. But we've finally reached a point where reality is catching up to fiction. Here's what's happening this year.

By Darren Weber

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What the Heck is a Quantum Computer?

Heard of the term "quantum computing"? We break it down for you and what it means for us average folk in our daily lives.

By Lindsey Mills

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What the Heck is the Metaverse?

You might have heard this term buzzing around lightly. But what exactly IS the metaverse? We break it down for you.

By Claud Boyer


Microsoft Buys Activision

Microsoft has made its largest purchase ever in acquiring the video game giant, Activision, on Tuesday earlier this week. The announcement came on a conference call with investors. Read below for details.

By Marc Gibson

Beats Pill Plus

Beats Pill Plus Speaker Discontinued

It appears Apple has discontinued the production and sale of the Beats Pill Plus speaker. 

By Aiden O'Hara

Smart Glasses

Smart Glasses Are Here

Were movies really good at predicting the future? Or is the future what it is now, because of movies? In any case, smart glasses are here. But they still need a lot…

By Emily Torp


What is Starlink? Satellite Internet from SpaceX

Elon Musk, SpaceX CEO, is planning on using orbiting satellites to deliver high-speed internet to the world via an initiative called Starlink. 

By Tony Rosenbaum