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3 Meditation Apps That Will Reduce Stress and Improve Mindfulness

There are many benefits of practicing meditation. This complex practice might be difficult for some to start. Luckily, there are apps to help with that!

Below are 3 of our favorite Meditation Apps.


With the help of a personal mindfulness coach, learn how to reduce stress and improve your sleep in just five minutes every day. Lynne Goldberg, a mindfulness coach, offers master courses, inspirational presentations, and guided meditations on Breethe. They can assist you in navigating life's problems and enhancing your sense of calm. You can learn how to get more sleep with the app's bedtime readings, nature sounds, and sleep music playlists.


3 Meditation Apps That Will Reduce Stress and Improve Mindfulness

You can achieve peace, wellness, and balance by using Headspace's daytime guided meditation and mindfulness practices. Try sleep meditations, such as sleep casts with storytelling, music, or natural soundscapes, before going to bed. You may learn the fundamentals of meditation and grow on them. The app creates customized schedules based on a little input from you.


An award-winning software called Calm offers breathing exercises and relaxation techniques. There is also a 'Calm Kids' section with meditations for children ages three to seventeen. You may know celebrities Matthew McConaughey or Jerome Flynn in the Sleep Stories area, which offers a variety of vocal talents to put you to sleep. There are new breathing techniques, mindful walking meditation, and relaxing exercises for a mindful experience you can access directly from your Apple Watch.

They provide a free seven-day trial.