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Four Ways to Find More Kitchen Counter Space

Does anyone ever have enough kitchen counter space? There are several ways to find more space. Try going vertical, hanging items, or using other storage areas in or near your kitchen.

Use Shelf Risers

Shelf risers sit on your countertop but take up limited space thanks to their slender legs. You can store items on the shelf riser and under it.

You can also use smaller risers, such as spice racks, inside kitchen cabinets.

Add Shelf Space

Use burner covers over your range and a cutting board over your sink for temporary prep space.

If you have empty wall space, add a bookcase to your kitchen. If the empty wall space is the backsplash or wall above your countertop or dishwasher, mount shelves on brackets.

You can also use a deep window sill as a shelf and mount shelves inside the window frame. An herb garden would flourish in that space, and glass containers would sparkle in the light.

Hang Them High

You can nail the lids of Mason jars to the bottom of a shelf and unscrew the jars from the lids whenever you need what the jars contain.

Mount racks to hang small or lightweight items on your backsplash or on the front edge or the bottom of a wall shelf. You can also mount racks on the inside of cabinet doors to hang small items.

Mount heavier racks from your kitchen ceiling or the support above a breakfast bar to hang pots and pans.

Create a Pantry

Use a closet as a pantry or remove the drywall and install shelves between the wall studs in your kitchen. Frame your new pantry space with molding. Leave the shelves open or install doors or curtains in front of them.