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3 of The Best Christmas Romance Movies

Christmas romance movies are the perfect way to get in the mood for a romantic evening with your loved one. Here are some of our favorite Christmas romances.

Love Actually

This romantic comedy tells ten different stories about love and romance during one very eventful holiday season in London. In addition to being funny and heartwarming, this film also features an all-star cast.


This rom-com stars John Cusack as an aspiring bookseller trying to find love in New York City and Kate Beckinsale as a British woman who moves to NYC. Kate discovered her fiancé cheated on her with another woman right before their wedding day - which happened just days before Christmas Eve.

While You Were Sleeping

This film has all the elements of a great Christmas romance: a love triangle, a misunderstanding, and a happy ending. Lucy unknowingly falls in love with Jack while he's in a coma. When she finds out that he's going to die and needs a heart transplant, she befriends his brother Peter to help him get the donor heart to save Jack's life. The only problem is that Jack doesn't know about any of this - and if he does wake up from his coma, he might not be so thrilled about finding out that his brother has been dating his fiancée for two years.