Emily in Paris — Season 3, Episode 3 Review

Episode 3 of Emily in Paris Season 3 opens with Emily and Alfie unwinding in bed.

Despite Emily’s desire to take the day off from working, Alfie unexpectedly urges that they leave, so she goes to the office. Madeline yells and pokes her finger at the elevator as she enters the building. The building manager, Henri, is uncooperative when she claims that the lift is broken.

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Madeline assigns the task to Emily, who consults Luc because she needs more time to deal with it. While responding to Henri’s call from Agence Grateau, Luc confesses that they are relatively close.

On the other side, Agence Grateau is dealing with its own difficulties. Sylvie’s landlady learned that she was using her home as a place to conduct her illegal business. But knowing Sylvie, she probably has an easy cure in mind. Shoot Emily and Madeline out the door and take back control of the former Savoir location.

After speaking with Luc, Emily appears to have agreed to surrender to finding a solution to the elevator problem. Instead, she is taking pictures of stray animals on Parisian sidewalks for an upcoming customer. While Emily is taking photographs, Mindy interrupts her. She begs her to go to the club where she’ll play that night.

When Emily and Alfie arrive a little later in the day, she cannot resist asking Alfie if he thinks Antoine would ever go to Savoir. He kisses Emily to muffle her questions instead of responding. Luckily for him, it works, and they begin to enjoy the show together.

Sylvie is busy planning while eating with Luc and Henri, the former building manager. She turns on the charm, even though it is clear she does not recognize this man before. She does this in an effort to woo him and retake her office.

Henri is understandably skeptical when she claims that she avoided him because he intimidated her. To force Emily and Madeline out and bring Sylvie back in, she tricks Henri into accepting to treat them like some sort of bother.

The story shifts back to Mindy as she meets up with Benoit to reduce her stage fright. She then performs a Dua Lipa song decked out in a vibrant costume, stunning everyone as usual.

The next day, Sylvie’s teasing pays off. When Madeline and Emily arrive at the building, the elevator is still not working. To make matters worse, the window panels are shut tightly. The temperature is on in the middle of summer, and Henri won’t accept Emily’s calls. Savoir must still run its business. Emily shows Madeline her pet food advertising campaign. It features a cute filter that lets people turn into any creature they desire.

Madeline attempts it and is happy to see herself on camera as a cat, but her joy quickly wanes as soon as a pigeon appears in the room. The pigeon is ran out of the room as Madeline gets ready to start her video call with numerous Chicago-based Gilbert Group executives who are dropping in on international firms. Since Madeline is humiliated when she initiates the call, she asks Emily to immediately turn “the fucking filter off.” Still, the filter she checked out just moments ago won’t disappear from her screen.

Unfortunately, Emily cannot help with the filtering since she is attempting to speak to Henri, who is practically on his phone as he relays all the happenings to Sylvie. When Emily finally captures Henri’s attention and pulls him upstairs, Henri plays dumb and accuses them of inviting pigeons inside by throwing croissants lying around.

Emily in Paris season 3, episode 2 is now available for streaming on Netflix.