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Griselda - Season 1, Episode 2 Recap

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By Jackie W.

- Feb 18, 2024

The second episode of "Griselda" unfolds with Dario, a determined investigator, breaking into Griselda’s seemingly abandoned house in search of any clue to her whereabouts. Despite his efforts, the search yields nothing. His superior, suspecting Griselda of murdering Alberto over a deeply personal betrayal, directs Dario to probe into Griselda’s past connections, leading him to Emilio, Griselda’s one-time boss. This investigation quickly turns fruitful when jealousy leads one of Emilio's employees to disclose Griselda’s location.

Meanwhile, Griselda's new life in Miami begins to take shape as Arturo and several women from Griselda’s past life in Colombia arrive, smuggled drugs in tow. Griselda orchestrates a plan to sell the smuggled goods, enlisting the help of her old friend, Isa, to persuade the women to participate. The operation moves swiftly to a motel, where the drugs are extracted and prepared for sale, promising a lucrative payout of $250,000. However, the shadow of Fernando looms large, with both Griselda and Arturo aware of the imminent danger posed by her vengeful pursuer.

Carmen, Griselda’s reluctant host in Miami, draws the line at her travel agency being used for Griselda’s drug operations, signaling a rift between old friends over moral boundaries. Concurrently, law enforcement, led by the astute analyst June, begins piecing together the events leading to a violent confrontation in a local bar, despite skepticism from her male colleagues about a woman's involvement in such high-stakes criminal activity.

As Griselda and Arturo navigate the treacherous waters of Miami's drug scene, they encounter resistance from Amilcar and his primary supplier, Papo, who feels threatened by Griselda’s competitive edge. Amilcar’s betrayal leaves Griselda scrambling for a buyer, leading her to innovative methods of distribution among Miami’s elite. This plan culminates in a yacht party designed to showcase her product, a move that attracts both potential clients and dangerous attention from Papo.

Griselda - Season 1, Episode 2 Recap

The episode reaches a climax when Fernando and Dario confront Griselda and her children at their hotel, threatening devastating violence. In a dramatic twist, Dario turns on Fernando, saving Griselda and her family but leaving himself with no recourse but to ally with Griselda.

June’s struggle against workplace misogyny and Griselda’s desperate fight for survival and autonomy paint a vivid picture of women battling systemic oppression, albeit in vastly different arenas. Griselda’s cunning, resilience, and willingness to risk everything for her family’s future are contrasted with June’s professional integrity and determination to prove her worth in a male-dominated field.

The episode not only propels Griselda's journey into the heart of Miami's drug trade but also sets the stage for complex alliances and betrayals. With Dario now indebted to Griselda, the dynamics of power, loyalty, and survival are intricately woven into the narrative, promising more intrigue and tension as the story of Griselda Blanco continues to unfold.


8 / 10

The second episode of "Griselda" unfolds with Dario, a determined investigator, breaking into Griselda’s seemingly abandoned house