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Griselda - Season 1, Episode 4 Recap

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By Jackie W.

- Feb 20, 2024

In the fourth episode of "Griselda," the tension mounts as Griselda Blanco faces the repercussions of her former partner and Papo siding with Rafa. The episode opens with Griselda and her son at a car wash, a scene that captures her fear and determination amidst the escalating drug war in Miami. Meanwhile, the newly formed CENTAC task force, led by Diaz and June, begins its public crusade against the narcotics trade, setting the stage for a showdown with Miami's drug lords.

Seeking safety and planning her counterattack, Griselda relocates her family to a new residence, leaving the girls to manage their former abode. The solidarity among the women, tired of being undermined by men, bolsters Griselda’s resolve to reclaim her territory. She tasks Dario with executing her plans for vengeance, resulting in the elimination of German and a failed attempt on Papo's life, mistakenly killing his father instead.

Despite Griselda's efforts to shield her children from the brutality of her world, the violence inevitably impacts her family, particularly her relationship with Dario, which becomes openly romantic. Rafa, connecting the dots behind German's assassination, realizes Griselda's formidable threat. In a deceptive move, he warns Griselda of Papo's survival and his intent to target the women under her protection. The tragic loss of the women and the destruction of the house reinforce Griselda's thirst for revenge.

Rivi, laying low in California, reaches out to Griselda, offering support and celebrating her decisive actions against German and Papo. This connection hints at a larger network of alliances and betrayals within the narcotics underworld. Griselda's vow for vengeance is further fueled by a heart-wrenching encounter with a mother mourning the loss of her son in the fire, pushing Griselda deeper into the cycle of violence.

CENTAC's involvement in the investigation into the drug-related killings marks a turning point, with June's insights into a high-ranking female figure in the drug trade gaining traction. Diaz's reluctant acknowledgment of June's theories leads to a breakthrough, revealing Griselda's central role in the escalating conflict.

Griselda - Season 1, Episode 4 Recap

Griselda's bold moves against Rafa and Papo, including a massive cocaine heist and targeted attacks, force Rafa to propose a ceasefire. Amidst this turmoil, the revelation of Griselda's pregnancy adds a layer of personal stakes to the narrative, complicating her relationship with Dario and their collective future.

Rafa's desperate turn to Marta for help underscores his humiliation at being outmaneuvered by a woman, setting the stage for a dramatic confrontation. Griselda's strategic decision to burn Rafa's and Papo's cocaine, followed by Papo's assassination, sends a powerful message to her adversaries, culminating in a tentative partnership with Rafa based on mutual profit.

However, the episode's climax at a meeting with Fabio Ochoa takes a shocking turn, with Arturo's murder signaling the precarious nature of alliances in the drug trade and the high cost of power. Griselda's miscalculation and the subsequent fallout with her children, particularly Uber's disillusionment with her secrecy and deceit, highlight the personal toll of her ambitions.

As Griselda navigates the treacherous waters of her new partnership with Rafa, questions loom about the sustainability of their alliance, the future of her relationship with Dario, and the impact of her choices on her family. The episode masterfully weaves a tale of ambition, betrayal, and resilience, setting the stage for further developments in Griselda Blanco's complex saga.


8 / 10

In the fourth episode of "Griselda," the tension mounts as Griselda Blanco faces the repercussions of her former partner and Papo siding with Rafa.