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Heartstopper - Season 2, Episode 7 Recap

Episode 7 of season 2 of "Heartstopper" starts with a scene where Tara and Darcy's intimate moment is interupted by Tara's mother. While Tara is sad, house rules prevail and there's no sleepover.

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Simultaneously, Nick and Charlie relish their Parisian memories. However, when Ben reaches out to Charlie, he gets the cold shoulder.

Joyfully, Elle receives word of her acceptance to Lambert Art School. Even more thrilling, her work will feature in the school's ‘Here & Queer’ exhibit. Her friends share her happiness and together they gear up for the exhibition and the impending prom.

While Tao is ecstatic about his budding relationship with Elle, he's in shock by her admission to art school. Unsure how Tao might react, Elle fibs about her school application status.

Over at the Nelsons, Sarah, Nick's mother, plans a family dinner with Charlie's family, overriding her husband David's objections. Despite the complications, Charlie remains hopeful of Nick's ability to manage the situation. Yet, Charlie keeps getting messages from Ben, all of which he sidesteps.

In London, as the group hunts for prom outfits, Darcy faces financial constraints. Friends rally, signaling that Darcy might be grappling with personal issues.

Elle shares her predicament with Tara about her indecision regarding the art school and her relationship. Meanwhile, Nick and Charlie envision their prom night together.

Isaac’s meetup with James brings clarity. As he grapples with his asexual nature, his friends' prying questions lead him to retreat. At the exhibition, he discovers a piece of art that resonates with his feelings, providing much-needed solace.

However, family issues ruin Darcy's night at the exhibition. She leaves early, missing Elle's masterpiece: "Safe", an art piece capturing Elle’s sanctuary with her closest friends.

The subsequent day has Charlie and Nick crossing paths with Ben. While Ben voices his regrets, Charlie isn't ready to forgive yet.

Dinner at Nick's home takes an unexpected turn. Nick stands up to David and confronts his father about his own shortcomings. Both Charlie and Sarah support Nick in his stance. The evening ends on a positive note, with Charlie’s family extending an invitation for another dinner.

Yet, the episode's somber note arrives as Darcy confronts familial strife, resulting in her being forced out of her home.

This episode has been a roller-coaster. Nick's assertiveness, standing firm in his identity, is truly commendable. Credit undeniably goes to Sarah, who's raised a strong, confident young man. In stark contrast stands David, representing a choice of prejudice.

Charlie's mature handling of Ben's apology was another highlight. Yet, the pain of past wounds can't be simply wished away.

Darcy's joviality hides a painful home life, a poignant reflection that sometimes, the most cheerful faces hide the deepest scars.

Isaac's journey of self-acceptance, recognizing and accepting his asexuality, is another significant storyline. His realization that he's not alone and that his feelings are valid was touching.

As the season finale looms, the audience is left pondering the depiction of Charlie’s eating disorder, an uncommon but essential topic.

Season 2 of Heartstopper is now streaming on Netflix.