Luther: The Fallen Sun on Netflix — Review

The award-winning British televising series Luther ran from 2010 to 2019. The movie Luther: The Fallen Sun offers the continuing saga of Detective Chief Inspector John Luther (Idris Elba).

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In the fifth season, Luther’s assignment is to find Callum Aldrich. Callum receives blackmail and is kidnapped by David Robey (Andy Serkis). Robey is a wealthy city trader and serial killer. He frequently arranges grizzly, elaborate murders. Luther promises Callum’s mother, Corinne (Hattie Morahan), that he will find her son.

As the head of Serious and Serial Crime, Luther has a long-established reputation for capturing the worst of London’s murderers. Robey takes advantage of the fact that Luther breaks the rules when he sees no other way to bring his quarry to justice. He compiles a dossier of Luther’s illegal acts and leaks it to the media.

Luther is put on trial and apparently receives a conviction for at least one of the murders in which he is a suspect. Luther remains in jail for years until Robey decides to taunt him. Robey hangs eight of his kidnap victims, including Corrine’s son Callum. He invites the victim’s parents to a manor house. There he arranged the house and the children’s bodies so that they burst into flame as the parents arrive.

After Corrine witnesses the fire, she visits Luther in jail and berates him for not having saved Callum. Then Robey transmits a recording of Callum’s murder to Luther via an FM radio frequency. Robey’s taunting increases Luther’s emotional reaction to his failure to protect people. He wants to hunt Robey down and stop him by whatever means necessary.

Luther reports the FM broadcast to Detective Chief Inspector Odette Raine (Cynthia Erivo) who is Luther’s successor as head of Serious and Serial crime to report the broadcast.

Luther then forms a liaison with the prison guards and Dennis McCabe (Vincent Regan), a former associate. McCabe and the guards help Luther escape when a riot in Luther’s cellblock necessitates a prison transport to remove him.

Raine brings in Luther’s former supervisor Detective Superintendent Martin Schenk (Dermot Crowley) to consult on her efforts to recapture Luther.

Luther learns Robey is in Piccadilly Circus, and Raine moves armed police unit SCO19 into position. Luther and Raine confront Robey but some of Robey’s blackmail victims create distractions by creating car accidents and jumping from buildings to their deaths. Robey kills one of the armed officers and fights with Luther before escaping into the London Underground.

Robey kidnaps Raine’s daughter, Anya (Lauryn Ajufo), hoping to convince her to kill Luther, but she reluctantly agrees to work with Luther. Robey’s ex-wife, Georgette (Tara Fitzgerald, uncredited), tells Luther and Raine that Robey owns a mansion in rural Norway. Robey blackmail Raine’s subordinate, Detective Sergeant Archie Woodward (Thomas Coombes), into killing Georgette, but Luther has sent Schenk to protect her. Shenk intercepts Woodward, and Woodward commits suicide.

Raine and Luther discover Robey uses the mansion for his The Red Bunker livestream which broadcasts the torture sessions of his kidnap victims.

At the mansion, Luther and Raine are overpowered. Robey says they can save Anya by hurting each other, but Luther tells Robey that Georgette reported the mansion’s location to the police. After, Robey, Luther, and Raine fight. Luther chases Robey onto a frozen lake. Robey and Luther fall through the ice, and Roby drowns. Luther uses Roby’s phone to unlock the mansion and free Raine and Anya. He’s rescued by Schenk and a team of police divers before he drowns.

Raine rearrests Luther. Schenk visits Luther as he recovers from his injuries in London. A motorcade arrives, and Schenk tells Luther he might not be going back to prison. Tim Cranfield (Guy Williams), a senior official from MI5, arrives in the motorcade and tells Luther that his chief would like to speak to Luther and motions Luther to get into one of the cars.

Luther: The Fallen Sun is now streaming on Netflix.