Inside Man — Episode 4 Recap

Jefferson sends Beth to an empty house with an escort.

Jefferson meets with his father-in-law, Gordon, who could help Jefferson avoid execution. Gordon wants information about his daughter’s murder for Gordon’s help. The Warden secretly records the exchange.

Harry sets a timer for when the carbon monoxide poisoning should succeed. Janice watches Ben try to break down the door and tells Ben Harry is responsible.

The Warden shows Jefferson the video evidence against Gordon.

Janice asks Ben to call the police, but Ben worries about Harry going to jail. Ben tries to break the heater.

The Warden shows the video to Gordon and suggests giving it to the FBI. He tells Gordon to work with Jefferson, and Jefferson’s execution will be canceled.

Mary reaches Harry and tells Harry that Janice fooled them. Mary decides to take the laptop and purse to Janice’s home. Harry passes the items through the window to Mary. Mary wants to use the bathroom, but Harry won’t let her.

Ben calls Harry and asks about Janice and the flash drive.

Mary arrives at Janice’s home. Jefferson tells Beth that Beth occupies Janice’s house. Mary enters Janice’s bathroom and finds Beth. They get into a struggle until Ben calls. Ben asks Mary about Janice, which causes Mary to head home. Mary argues with Beth as she leaves and gets hit, leaving Mary dead.

The timer buzzes and Harry opens the basement door finding Ben with a knife and Janice with multiple stab wounds. Harry says he’ll confess to killing Janice.

Beth rushes to Harry’s and Mary’s house with her escort. Beth goes inside, and her escort restrains Ben. Harry calls the police, but Janice stirs. Ben starts to finish off Janice. However, Beth stops him, and the police arrest Harry.

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