4 of The Best Thanksgiving Movies

Thanksgiving is a holiday to celebrate the fall harvest and give thanks for all you have. It’s also a perfect opportunity to watch some movies with your family. Here are the top recommendations for Thanksgiving movies

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles is a comedy starring Neal Page, a sullen business executive traveling home for Thanksgiving when his boss calls and offers him an extra week of vacation. While waiting in line at the airport, he meets Del Griffith (John Candy), the affable salesman who offers to share his rental car with Neal — a decision that causes both men more trouble than they could have imagined.

Home for the Holidays

In ‘Home for the Holidays,’ Holly Hunter stars as a woman who returns home to spend Thanksgiving with her family. It’s a funny movie about a dysfunctional family.

Grumpy Old Men

‘Grumpy Old Men’ is a comedy starring Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau. In the film, the two old men have hated each other for years and have to spend Thanksgiving together.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

‘A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving’ is a classic movie that traces the Peanuts characters as they attempt to celebrate Thanksgiving together. The gang is invited to dinner at Peppermint Patty’s house when Snoopy and Woodstock accidentally destroy it. All seems lost — until Linus steps in with some important wisdom.