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The Imperfects S1 E4: 'One of Us' Recap

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By Lily Poh

- Sep 23, 2022

In episode four, Abbi and Tilda encounter a new test subject with special abilities. On the other hand, Juan rekindles his relationship with his family. And alas, the search for the Imperfects begins. 

In the lab, Abbi is with the test subject. The subject emphasizes his exhaustion and desire to go home and sleep. Dr. Burke is also in the lab.

Abbi notices that her new friend’s heart is beating fast. He tells her that he is aware of another presence in the lab, likely causing his racing heart. When prompted to show his power, he sneezes. Jokingly, Abbi teases that his superpower is sneezing and allergies. 

The subject claims that to be untrue. The subject is recognized as Owen Shultz whom Abbi knows from the wellness program. 

Abbi tells Owen that someone among them needs fixing. He says he does not want to be fixed, he just wants to join Abb’si super team of imperfects.

The Imperfects  S1 E4: 'One of Us' Recap

Abbi suggests they try to test each other strengths so that they can be aware of every individual in the lab's in-vulnerabilities. When Abbi was young, she had a copper deficiency and Dr. Burke treated her. 

Owen tells her that she is sick, not invulnerable. He suggests they check her toxicity levels to identify what exactly is happening with her. 

The purpose is to check if she has a lot of copper in her body. If she does, then that is what is making her skin harden. 

After talking with Owen, the crew then comes to the conclusion that their “sickness” might be their superpower.