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Spotify to close radio listening stations


By Lily Poh

- Jun 10, 2022

Spotify will discontinue its all-in-one radio-like listening app station plans on May 16th. Stations is an app focused mainly on listening to music instead of choosing individual settings.

In addition to podcasts, Spotify has been running several other experiments since 2018, with Stations, an app for owners and subscribers that is free and priced.

Spotify first launched an Android version in 2018, followed by a desktop version in 2019 and an iOS version of the service in the United States in 2019. However, now that testing has ended, 9to5Google reports that Spotify has begun notifying users that it will be shutting down the service on the 16th.

If you used Stations, you could switch to the main Spotify app to stream your favorite curated lists on the platform. It displays the following message.

The Stations Plug-In's gimmick was that it would start playing automatically when you opened the program. If you rearranged your playlists, you'd be unable to jump to a specific track recorder or musician, and going back to a station would resume right where you left it.

The offered stations contained a range of presets, and some you could personalize by selecting your favorite artists from a list of choices, and it would seek to personalize the experience for you over time.

Depending on whether you have utilized the Stations feature, you may witness a new and improved experience within the app, which now features an automatically generated Stations list and a playlist of news and music news for drivers.