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6 Spooky Halloween-Themed Sweets


By Felix Chen

- Oct 9, 2022

Any great host knows that the best experiences always include one essential component: delectable food. Halloween is the ideal occasion for a creative menu because the fall is so full of fruity flavors. Think autumnal cocktails, warm and apple-centric sweets, and pumpkin desserts.

Below are some of our favorite Halloween-themed treats!

  • Red Velvet Blood Cakes. Red velvet cupcakes drenched in a raspberry coulis that resembles blood are the definition of spooky.
  • Easy Frankenstein Milkshakes. This is a typical milkshake suitable for the scariest day of the year, including a mint flake smoothie and a dripping effect on the rim.
  • Mummy Brownies. This is a terrific dish for kids to help make. There is no need for perfection-just squirt the icing in all directions and add some sugar eyeballs.
  • Halloween Sugar Cookie Bars. Candy eyes sprayed frosting, and chocolate cookies are some imaginative garnishes that transform plain cookie bars into spooky monsters. These are best for a Halloween-themed gathering.
  • Apple Mummies. This simple dessert will delight young children and toddlers. All you have to do is peel the apples carefully. For more enjoyment, serve with a yogurt fruit dip.
  • Warm Spiced Apple Cider. Put all the components for this seasonal drink in the slow cooker to make this crowd-pleasing cocktail hour a snap.