Comparing Three Meal Kit Delivery Services

Want to try a meal kit delivery service but not sure which one? Here’s a comparison of the top 3 well-known options to help you decide.

Meal Kit Delivery Services

From regular grocery shopping, to meal prepping, and now to prepared meal kit deliveries — dinner is continuing to become more efficient. The popularity of meal kit services has erupted in part with the help of social media platforms such as TikTok as well as a simple Google search for efficient meal preparation options. 

With so many options available, it is hard to narrow down on a service that is best suited for you. Below are some options accompanied with pricing. 

Home Chef

Home Chef
Home Chef

Use their handy mobile app to pick from a variety of new recipes each week. You can customize too, by upgrading, swapping, or doubling up on a protein. 

The fresh, pre-portioned ingredients with instructions arrive at your door each week. And you have the option to skip a week or pause your account if desired. 

The service provides different meal options including:

  • Meal Kits: easy recipes ready in about 30-minutes
  • 15 Minute Meal Kits: built for speed and cooks in 15-minutes
  • Oven-Ready: pre-portioned ingredients arrive in an oven-safe tin. No prep necessary. 
  • Grill-Ready: ingredients are in a grill-safe back easy to throw on the grill 
  • Culinary Collection: for special occasions, this collection comes with a selection of premium meals
  • Fast & Fresh: after a few minutes in the microwave, the meals are ready for quick deliciousness  

Some of their top recipes include: Sirloin with Blue Cheese Chive Cream, Roasted Salmon in Mandarin Orange Peach Sauce, Chicken Breast with Sweet Walnut Butter, and Greek-Style Shrimp Linguine. 

If you order today, you’ll get 16 free meals. After that, the weekly minimum cost is $49.95. 

Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh
Hello Fresh

Use their mobile app to pick a plan that matches your lifestyle and personal preferences like: 

  • Meat & veggies 
  • Veggie only
  • Family friendly 
  • Fit & wholesome
  • Quick & easy
  • Pescatarian. 

Each week, your delivery box will have step-by-step recipes and pre-measured ingredients. Right at your doorstep.

And, did you know their recipes are tested 200 times to ensure total deliciousness? Plus, as a no waste service, the pre-measured ingredients are exact and the packages are recyclable materials. 

Some top meals include: Meatballs with Bulgogi Sauce, Silky Sicilian Penne & Chicken, Italian Chicken over Lemony Spaghetti. Prep time ranges anywhere from 15-30 minutes.

If you order today, you’ll get 16 free meals and 3 gifts. After that, 3 recipes a week for two people is $59.94 per week.  

Blue Apron

Blue Apron
Blue Apron

Through an App, Blue Apron, lets users pick from 3-different preferences including:

  • Signature: choose from a mix of meat, fish, plant-based Beyond Meat and Wait Watchers recommended and health-conscious offerings. 
  • Wellness: a balanced and nutritious approved recipe including carb-conscious and WW recommended options. 
  • Vegetarian: Meat-free dishes with the best seasonal produce

Blue Apron works with reputable suppliers that support sustainable practices as well as family-run farms and artisanal purveyors for ingredients. Over 85% of Blue Apron packaging is recyclable. 

A few top menu items include: Crispy Panko Chicken & Dijonnaise, Gochujang Ribeye Steak, Orange-Olive Chicken Thighs & Couscous and One-Pan White Bean & Saffron Skillet.  

If you order today, you’ll get 14 free meals. After that, Blue Apron meals cost $7.49 – $9.99 per serving, depending on the size of your order. Per week, prices range from about $60 – $80.