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Recipes Using Pumpkin: Use Your Leftover Pumpkin To Make these Delicious Foods

It's the best time of the year when we can indulge in all of our favorite pumpkin dishes without feeling guilty.

Pumpkin, it turns out, can be used for more than just making edible candle holders.

Cream cheese pumpkin bread

To bake bread with a pumpkin flavor. You'll never think of bread the same way again once you try it stuffed with cream cheese and topped with a delicious spread.

It has more of a banana bread flavor than the typical store-bought loaf. Pumpkin bread can be enjoyed as a snack, treat, dinner companion, or even as a bed for fresh fruit. Regardless of whether you consider it a "side" or not.

This is a wonderful, luscious, and fluffy addition to any autumn cuisine.

No-bake pumpkin Nutella cheesecake

A natural progression from pumpkin pie would be cheesecake. When did spreading Nutella on something become a bad idea? Additionally, no baking is required. That's a great sweet that requires next to no work.

This cinnamon-hued pumpkin filling on a crushed graham cracker base is the perfect canvas. You can top it with everything from oreo cookie crumbs to hot fudge sauce to crushed nuts.

Roast pumpkin, avocado, and feta on black bean spaghetti

Creamier and more opulent than pumpkin, if anything grown on Earth can be. So, it's all good when you put them together on top of some unique black bean spaghetti with the smooth tang of feta cheese.

The black bean spaghetti has all the deliciousness of traditional pasta without gluten, and the addition of lime, cilantro, and chopped jalapenos gives it the appearance of a Mexican dish.

Because it's wonderful, it doesn't matter either way.