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7 Best Resale Apps to Sell Your Stuff


By Olivia S.

- Oct 14, 2022

Here are the top resale apps for selling used goods online, from cameras and video games to clothing and textiles, antiques, and video games.


The main benefit of Decluttr is that it is a leading platform for buying and selling high-quality secondhand technology. For instance, Decluttr lets you sell and buy various tech products, including PCs, DVDs, and mobile phones.


An app called OfferUp connects local buyers and sellers of goods, including jewelry, vehicles, cell phones, and other digital products.


Another great website to think about using for buying and selling old automobiles, gadgets, books, clothing, accessories, and other stuff is Letgo. Its User experience is simple, clear, and user-friendly.


You may list used clothing, accessories, home goods, and other items on the Poshmark app. It is a marketplace where you can meet potential customers. You only have to create an account and post images of the goods you're selling.


A peer-to-peer marketplace for old goods is called 5miles. You need to advertise your used goods, and the website will use the location data from your smartphone to sell them to potential customers in the area. The built-in chat feature on the website will connect you with a potential customer.


Chairish is just an app created exclusively for online used furniture sales, as suggested by its name. Take a photo of your furniture, sell it with a description and a title and choose your asking price.


If you've got an old automobile sitting in your garage rusting or gathering dust, you can sell it now at SellMax to make space in your garage and money. SellMax's user-friendly design makes it simple to sell your used automobile online.