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Festive, Spooky, and Easy DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas

Save money while still being festive. You don't have to be a pro at crafts to appreciate the inexpensive and fun Halloween DIYs!

Dried Flower Wreath

These days, dried flowers are incredibly trendy. Add some plastic spiders for a creepy effect. Make a wreath by arranging dried flowers and branches in a wreath mould. Be sure they are secure by weaving them into the wreath base. Put the taller, more comprehensive objects on the bottom and the shorter, narrower ones on top. The dried fruit is added last. Thread a floral wire through the holes and wrap it around the wreath form. You may need hot glue if the dried fruit you use has no holes.

Magic Potion Bottles

Convert your house into a mystical hut fit for a witch by brewing your potions. Use foods like gummy candies and beef jerky to create the appearance of severed body parts, and fill a glass bottle (you can even reuse an old candle jar) with fake bloody fingers. The creepy bits can float around in the jars after you've poured water, food colouring, and glitter into them with a funnel.

Tombstone Chair Covers

You can use the tombstone templates as stencils if you print them out and then cut out the designs with scissors or a craft knife. Tape or pin the four corners of your template to your pillowcase once you have it centred where you think it should be. Black fabric paint should be dabbed gently onto the fabric where the stencils have been placed using a foam craft brush. In this case, less really is more. Completely dry out.