How To Get Your Lawn Ready for Spring

Here are the best tips to get your lawn as green as can be this summer.


It doesn’t have to be challenging to get your lawn ready for spring! Our spring lawn treatment specialists will ensure that your lawn has all the nutrients it requires to look its best for the months ahead.

These are some tips to help prepare your lawn for spring.


Spring is a great time to encourage new growth. This will ensure that your lawn stays healthy and textured. You can increase the thickness of your grass by planting more seeds than usual. This will make it thicker and give your lawn a greater ‘vigor. This is also a great way to repair a lawn damaged by recent extreme weather events in the US.

To keep your grass looking great, we recommend that you oversee your lawn once a year in spring. Wait until the temperatures are a bit warmer before you oversee your lawn. Germination (seeds begin to grow) occurs at 8 degrees Celsius, so wait until the ground gets warm enough for the seeds to germinate.

Spring Moss Treatment

Moist grasses can become mossy from wet weather. Spring is when grasses increase, so it’s a great time to fix any moss issues in your garden. A spring lawn treatment is necessary after a record-breaking freezing February. This will help prepare your lawn for spring and prevent potential moss problems. After April showers, a specialized moss treatment can improve your lawn’s strength and promote healthy grass growth.

Spring Lawn Feeding 

While a long, wet winter can give lawns the moisture they need to grow, food is essential for healthy growth and maintaining your lawn’s health. Use a special fertilizer to ensure your lawn receives the nutrients it needs to thrive. Spring lawn treatments will make your lawn greener and healthier for the warmer months. They will also provide nutrients to keep your lawn growing throughout the year.

Spring Weed Control

It’s not only spring grass that is important. If your lawn isn’t as strong as it should be, the weather can encourage common weeds like buttercups, dandelions, and daisies. Our spring lawn treatments use liquid herbicides to control and reduce common weeds. Our weed control service is not only able to tackle visible weeds but can also address conditions that encourage weed growth. This will eliminate the need for expensive later treatments.