Blockbuster, S1 E10 Recap: ‘Sh*t Storm’

A solar Storm is about to hit. The group at Blockbuster expects that when the Storm knocks out the internet, people will want to rent DVDs.

At the same time, the store is hosting an event with Lil’ Stevie, a washed-up child star of a series of cult classic family movies. The event is sold out, so Timmy is confident it will revive the business.

Hannah and Carlos wait to learn the results of their school applications. Carlos tells Hannah that Aaron plans to propose to Eliza at the event and wants Carlos to film it.

Percy is excited to meet Lil’ Stevie, but the actor arrives drunk. He thinks Percy and the fans have come to mock him, so he yells at customers, makes lewd and racist comments, and drives everyone away, ruining the event. His confidence is crushed, and Timmie goes for a drink with Lena. Eliza also goes to the bar and sees Lena kiss Timmie. Eliza realizes she loves Timmy.

Hannah is admitted to the community college, but Carlos is rejected by the film school. He tells Hannah to film the proposal. She sets up the camera and leaves it running but forgets it.

Lil’ Stevie warns Carlos about Hollywood, but Carlos takes it as encouragement.

With the internet out, a crowd of customers arrives. Aaron proposes. Eliza says no because she has feelings for someone else. Timmy calls Lena by Eliza’s name, and Lena walks away.

When the supply of DVDs runs low, the crowd begins fighting over them. They ransack the store, destroying it. Timmy gives up on saving the store and walks away. Hannah watches what the camera filmed and hears Eliza tell Aaron she loves Timmie. Watch on Netflix.