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Blockbuster, S1 E8 Recap: ‘Special Guy Day'

Timmy announces that the store is now operating in black, and he has a petty cash box in the office. However, Hannah tells him she hasn’t been cashing her paychecks for a month to save bank fees. So, Timmy plans to deposit the extra cash in the bank

Then, things fall apart when Erin, the woman with whom Eliza’s husband had an affair, enters the store. Eliza runs to the break room with Connie following her. Eliza tells Connie what she planned to say if she ever met Erin. Instead, she panicked. Connie sympathizes.

Carlos and Hannah hear a news report about a potential solar storm, which could interfere with the internet. Hannah tells Carlos she has to take an entrance exam for community college and can’t review all her high school coursework in one night.

Timmy starts to head for the bank when he hears Eliza crying. He decides to use the deposit to cheer up Eliza. Timmy and Eliza go to the bar so she can dull her pain.

Connie and Carlos supply Hannah with practice tests, and along with Lena, they help her study. However, Hannah is used to noise when she takes tests, so she didn’t do well.

Timmy starts to go to the bank again when Eliza admits her relationship with Aaron isn’t going well. Eliza wants Erin to know who she is. However, when Timmy and Eliza return to the store, Erin is gone. Eliza is drunk, so she sits on the floor in disappointment.

Hannah does well on her test.

Eliza and Timmy pelt Aaron’s billboard with donuts, and Eliza wants to hang out with Timmy. However, he returns to Lena. View Blockbuster on Netflix.