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Blockbuster, S1 E9 Recap: ‘Thimble'

Timmy asks Connie and Hannah to assemble a display for the release of Thimble Part 2.

Eliza has an interview at Round-the-Clock car rental. Timmy wishes her luck burying his feelings.

Since he spent the petty cash to cheer up Eliza, Timmy uses the promo candy to replace the store’s candy removed for non-payment.

Connie says she is good at puzzles, and the display is a giant puzzle. She says she’ll finish it by closing time
Kayla and Percy fight about her moving out.

Carlos starts studying filmmaking at the community college.

Timmy encourages Eliza before her interview. Eliza is nervous and concerned about not telling Aaron.

Connie spots someone lurking and watching her struggle with the display.

Kayla mentions her moving plans. Connie and Hannah discourage her and question if she’s ready.

Human resources at the car rental company called to verify Eliza’s employment, and Timmy gave a positive, unrequested review. However, Eliza returns and announces she didn’t get the Job. She says she turned down the job because of Timmy’s review.

Carlos weighs in on Kayla moving and the required pre-deposit fee suggesting it’s a scam.

Timmy goes to the car rental company and is told they didn’t offer the Job to Eliza. Eliza trashed Blockbuster and begged for the Job. Timmy is hurt and is going to confront Eliza.

Kayla gets scammed, but Percy says she can still stay with him.

Connie is struggling with the display and thinks it might be too hard.

Timmy decides not to jump Eliza and acts like Eliza was considerate not to take the Job. Eliza is grateful.

Connie completes the display but it short circuits. Connie feels she is losing her ability to solve puzzles. The other employees console her.

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