Christmas With You on Netflix Review

The latest Netflix holiday film, Christmas With You, is a corny romantic comedy with dated humor and little genuine seasonal sentiments. The film starred Aimee Garcia, Freddie Prinze Jr., Deja Monique Cruz, Gabriel Sloyer, Lawrence J. Hughes, Zenzi Williams, and Nicolette Stephanie Templier, and was directed by Gabriela Tagliavini from a script by Paco Farias, Jennifer C. Stetson, and German Michael Torres

A pop artist going through a hard patch in her career is the focus of Christmas With You. She runs away to a small village to try and regroup. While she’s there, she’ll receive a much bigger surprise that might completely alter the course of her life and career than surprising a fan.

Christmas With You, starring Aimee Gracia and Freddie Prinze Jr., is the latest holiday romance comedy and is great for background holiday music. The performer might not shout “Christmas!” but it’s still enjoyable to see.

In Christmas With You, we learn about a pop singer who starts to feel forgotten when her record label shifts to new talent. Pay a visit to a fan who will tell the world that you’ve arrived. And thus, Christina’s request is granted, and she even gets to share in the transformation her dad is about to undergo.

I will admit that there are some intriguing elements and characters in the novel, such as Christina, whose sunny disposition and independence win our hearts, and her Abuela (grandmother), who is no slouch in her own right.

The musician wants a Christmas song and gets one following a spur-of-the-moment visit to a fan. No Ho Ho Hos or Christmas carols, but some gifts will make you wonder why.

The lack of connection between Gracia and Prinze is a tremendous disappointment. Their moment with Christina just exists.