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Dear Child - Season 1, Episode 2 Recap

In the second installment of "Dear Child," the narrative kicks off with Hannah recounting a heartwarming tale of her parents' romantic journey. Concurrently, we see a mysterious woman on the street, who becomes the focus when a car's headlights shine on her from behind.

In the current scenario, Aida is told by the Becks and Gerd that Hannah bears an uncanny resemblance to Lena at her age. The hospital-bound woman has a distinctive scar on her hand, identical to Lena's. However, she isn't Lena. Aida inquires about Lena's case files and DNA for further investigation, sharing insights about Jonathan and the ominous house.

Inside the house, a man lies incapacitated, his face obscured. Flashbacks reveal he's just released Lena from her cuffs, thanking her for a "good time." Aida advises the Becks to return home while waiting for DNA test results. When she inquires about their daughter Lena's blood type, Karin informs her it's AB negative.

Aida questions why Gerd, a friend of Matthias, handled Lena's case. Gerd confesses he concealed their friendship, a revelation that irks Aida. With no leads on Lena for over a decade, Gerd agrees to stay with the Becks when Aida has to step out for a call.

Matthias discreetly enters the break room, sitting near Hannah. He notices her sketch of the enigmatic house and pledges to bring her home. Meanwhile, Gerd probes the comatose woman in the hospital. Astonishingly, she wakes up, internally receiving commands from a mysterious male voice to fabricate her identity as Lena, before falling unconscious again.

The show pivots to unveil her everyday responsibilities, such as preparing breakfast for the kids. During a difficult moment with a milk can, Hannah assists her. The woman appears distressed, gripping Hannah's wrist and imploring for help before fainting. Hannah then sends a camera message to her father about her mother's recurrent episodes.

Back in the present, the woman in the hospital witnesses Matthias' assurance to look after Hannah. Nearby, police units scour the area for Jonathan and the house, using Lena's clothing for scent trails. A man at a roadblock claims to be standard security, arousing no suspicion.

Gerd updates Aida on the woman's brief spell of consciousness and the fresh appearance of her scar. Hannah awakens to breakfast and Doctor Hamstedt, complaining about the sunlight affecting her eyes. She asserts that Matthias is her grandfather, a family secret.

The episode transitions to a garden teeming with blooms, where Hannah joyously greets her grandfather. Gerd is taken aback upon hearing this from Benedikt and requests a DNA sample from Hannah. Ruth gives Hannah sunglasses and encourages her to enjoy the sunlight. Hannah's revelation agitates both Matthias and Karin when Gerd confronts them.

Hannah soon finds herself having to transfer to Benedikt's hospital. Upon her request, Ruth permits her to visit her mother-making it their little secret. As Hannah sneaks something into the unconscious woman's hand, a shard of glass, she whispers comforting words. The woman later awakens to find it concealed under her blanket.

As the episode winds down, Gerd shows the woman a photo of Lena, attempting to unveil her true identity. She starts to disclose something but gets critically ill, leading the doctor to eject Gerd. She then whispers a request to the doctor to confirm if she's pregnant.

This episode excels in maintaining a slow-burning tension while keeping viewers engaged. It cleverly focuses on the present, emphasizing Matthias's peculiar obsession with Hannah and other elements that amplify the suspense. It leaves the audience on the edge of their seats, especially with the unsettling image of Jonathan appearing ominously by the open front door.

Clearly, something sinister is amiss. The children in this narrative aren't merely acting out; they are undergoing some form of manipulation. The episode’s cliffhanger serves its purpose well, ensuring viewers are eager for the next installment.

Dear Child is now streaming on Netflix.