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Dear Child - Season 1, Episode 4 Recap

In the fourth installment of "Dear Child," we start with a glimpse of Jasmin's pre-abduction life. She's hopeful, going for an interview at an ad agency. But just when things seem promising, she's assaulted and confined to a car trunk.

Fast forward to the present, Jasmin is back home but still haunted. She applies ointment to her face, a physical reminder of her trauma. Her father Ulrich suggests she stay longer at the hospital, but she’s keen on moving forward.

Returning home, Jasmin has no interest in reconnecting with people from her past, including her cheating ex-boyfriend, Kai. Ulrich offers her refuge at his home, but she wants to tackle her trauma independently.

Elsewhere, Gerd and Aida discover a human skull in a nearby forest. While Karin Beck, who's been listening to the news, fears it could be her missing daughter Lena, Gerd can't confirm this.

Upon Jasmin's arrival at her apartment, a local police officer assures her of police presence for safety. Despite reassurances, she remains haunted by memories of her attacker. She clings to a shard of glass that Hannah had given her, a poignant symbol.

Karin believes the found remains are Lena's, sending her husband Matthias into despair. Aida and Gerd debate on whether there could be multiple attackers, with Aida skipping a family call to discuss the case. Gerd leaves, but not before dropping a strip of pills, arousing Aida's suspicion.

In a rehabilitation clinic, Hannah and her brother Jonathan learn stair navigation. When Jonathan panics, Hannah ensures him he won’t be joining them back home, drawing tears. Hannah consoles herself that she made the right choices.

Ruth visits Hannah and gifts her a book of fairy tales. Hannah shows the book to a security camera, signaling it's a gift from her doting grandpa. Ruth questions this, and Hannah explains that following the rules ensures safety; breaking them leads to punishment.

Aida and Gerd learn that the found skull belongs to another woman, not Lena. This opens up a new investigation line, as someone was present during the 10-month gap between Lena's and Jasmin's disappearances.

As Matthias and Karin grapple with the uncertainty surrounding Lena, Gerd reassures them of the ongoing police efforts. Matthias doesn’t recognize the reconstructed image of the dead man, further complicating the case.

Ruth returns home and hears an odd noise, initiating a search around her home. Jasmin, now back in her apartment, dyes her hair as if to regain some control over her life. Meanwhile, Karin refuses to see Hannah, claiming she reminds her too much of Lena.

Aida and Benedikt visit Hannah and Jonathan. Hannah identifies the reconstructed image as her father, but it's unclear if she means it. In a gruesome turn of events, Ruth is found dead, making Aida suspicious.

When Gerd visits Jasmin, she identifies the reconstructed image not as her attacker but as the driver who had initially hit her. Still haunted by her captor's voice, she lies, directing blame toward the innocent driver.

This episode is particularly noteworthy for depicting the psychological toll of trauma. Jasmin is caught between her past and the life she’s trying to rebuild. Meanwhile, the young Hannah continues to be unsettlingly committed to her twisted reality. Jonathan appears more humane, hinting at a potential shift in narrative.

Two major twists add to the suspense. First, Jasmin’s flashback offers a poignant view into the innocence she tries to preserve. Second, the skull found belongs to neither Lena nor Jasmin, but to a third, as-yet-unknown woman. This revelation sets the stage for more surprises as we eagerly await the series' conclusion.