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Dear Child — Season 1, Episode 5 Recap

In Episode 5 of "Dear Child," we start with Officer Ines leading a team to unearth more women's remains in the forest. Their search proves successful.

Concern arises over Gerd's health. His doctor reveals an over-reliance on depression medication and suggests a hospital stay to adjust the dosage. Despite the doctor's concerns, Gerd is back on the case by Aida's call about another female victim’s discovery – once again, not Lena.

Upon leaving, Gerd finds a distasteful newspaper headline about Hannah, labeling her "zombie girl." A conversation with Aida leads to the suspicion that an insider from the clinic sold Hannah's picture. Gerd also speculates that Lena might have been expecting before her abduction.

The news article incenses Matthias. Asserting concern for Hannah's safety, he insists she stay with them, catching Karin off-guard. Disturbed, Karin consults Gerd about the legality of Matthias's actions. Gerd confirms that as Hannah's nearest kin, they do have the right.

Issues of security arise when Benedikt confesses a lapse at the clinic. He admits the possibility of an unauthorized picture of Hannah. However, he believes Hannah's move to her grandparents' place might be beneficial due to her social needs, even though Jonathan might not be ready.

Gerd observes a moment between Hannah and Matthias in the clinic's garden, only for Hannah to discover Miss Tinky abandoned close by. In contrast to Hannah's calm reaction, Jonathan aggressively discards a snow globe found under his pillow.

Jasmin's attempt to face the outside world is short, driven back inside by panic. Tragically, she decides to harm herself, but a sudden phone call from her 'father' disrupts her. The discovery of a concealed camera reveals she's been under constant surveillance. Memories resurface of a past incident where the children offered Jasmin comfort during a vulnerable moment.

Gerd updates Karin about his interaction with Benedikt and subtly hints at his feelings for her. Soon after, a man named Florian arrives from France, presenting pictures of his sons. He credits his relocation for his well-being.

The forest reveals the identities of Stella Webber and Caroline Zimmerman. Gerd postulates that Lena's remains won't be found there, hinting at her unique significance. Unexpectedly, the head of a security firm, embroiled in a lawsuit with Aida, appears at their office. While he offers to drop the charges, this gesture raises Gerd's suspicions. Aida, on the other hand, finds herself investigating a security guard, Klaus Reinhardt, for missing equipment.

Matthias's past relationships come into focus as former lovers of Lena's, Murat Wos and Florian, are seen giving DNA samples. The search isn’t for a criminal but to identify Hannah's biological father. The revelation angers Matthias, leading to heated words with Gerd about past relationships.

Aida's attempt to mend bridges with Max, an injured SWAT member, ends in rejection. Meanwhile, a changed appearance indicates Jasmin's longing for a fresh start. Hannah reassures Jonathan about the possibility of them uniting as a family, though Jonathan brings up painful memories of their mother and sibling's demise.

A disturbing flashback portrays the children overhearing Lena's desperate pleas for medical help, only to be ignored. The narration by Hannah provides a grim context: the child and possibly Lena succumbed to infections post-delivery.

A shocking news story about a torched car captures Gerd's attention. Returning home, Aida finds solace in her family's embrace. She later learns from Gerd about Florian being Hannah's biological father, news that Florian vehemently rejects.

Ines and Aida grill Klaus about his activities on the day the house was discovered. His reluctance to answer raises more doubts.

Jonathan's solitude at the clinic is interrupted by Ruben, while Gerd's visit to Jasmin reveals her newly dyed blonde hair. Gerd's inspection of her bathroom unveils eerie signs of surveillance.

The climax of the episode sees a room equipped to monitor every corner of Jasmin's residence. Gerd, having left Jasmin, learns of a vehicle identical to the one involved in Jasmin's accident. His conversation with her reveals a chilling realization about more potential victims. As he departs, Gerd's anxiety is palpable. Meanwhile, a new 'home' is being readied for its next occupants.

Episode 5 of "Dear Child" is a whirlwind. With the revelation of more victims, the true depth of the crimes emerges, becoming increasingly sinister. The unseen antagonist's omnipresence intensifies the atmosphere. Jasmin's plight epitomizes the series' theme of inescapable pasts. The subplot surrounding Klaus remains elusive, hinting at future revelations. As the climax approaches, one can only hope for justice in the series finale.