From Scratch, S1 E8 Recap: ‘Aftertastes’

After Lino’s death, Amy’s depression lasts for weeks. Eventually, Amy and Idalia return to Italy with Lino’s ashes. Filomena has a priest hold an intimate mass at her home.

Idalia is sad that Lino will be buried in Sicily and that his Family only knows him as a husband, not a father.

Filomena pressures Amy to stay or at least visit.

Amy worries about letting Filomena down but also deals with gossip and prying. On the phone, Zora tells Amy that she’s a single mother and has to decide what’s best for herself and Idalia. Zora says staying in Sicily wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Amy and Filomena bond over their husbands’ deaths and discover how much they have in common.

The next morning, Filomena takes Amy to meet with a lawyer who tells Amy the estate belongs to her. Amy refuses to sign the ownership papers. She doesn’t feel she belongs in Sicily and feels Filomena is using the estate to trap her there.

After Amy settles a brawl by siding with a neighbor, Filomena says Amy acts like she belongs. Filomena says the town will hold a procession for Filomena’s birthday and asks Amy to invite her Family.

Filomena warmly welcomes Amy’s Family, and as they share a meal, Amy agrees to sign the ownership papers. She now plans to visit. Filomena shows Amy where she keeps the clothes for her burial so that Amy, as a daughter, will know what to do.

Amy walks the grounds feeling at peace. She opens her locket, which contains some of Lino’s ashes. As she remembers meeting Lino, marrying him, and walking in the procession, she blows his ashes over the grounds. Becoming tearful and deeply emotional, she says, “You’re home.”