Holiday Baking Shows on Streaming Services Now

This is that time of year when you gather with your loved ones, celebrating the holidays by eating good food and remembering times past. During the holidays, it’s fun to make special treats, such as themed desserts or cookies. But, sometimes, you need a little inspiration on what to bake. Here are baking shows on streaming services now.

Christmas Cookie Challenge

The Christmas Cookie Challenge is a fun competition in which two bakers demonstrate their baking skills, with the winner getting $10,000. The contestants use their imagination and creativity to become the ultimate holiday cookie master.

Holiday Gingerbread Showdown

This Food Network show is a competition in which gingerbread artists compete to create the most delicious and original creations. The contestants must build the best gingerbread — or anything else made entirely of gingerbread to win $25,000 and have an article written about them in Food Network Magazine.

Holiday Baking Championship

The Holiday Baking Championship is a competition that features several bakers who create interesting baked goods throughout the holiday season. The competition leads to the final round, whereby the baker who makes his or her dessert just right can win $50,000.

The Great British Baking Show: Holidays

The Great British Baking Show, a popular Netflix series, follows four bakers competing against each other to be named the ultimate baker. The judges select the contestants based on their ability to create inventive, Christmas-themed confections — from cupcakes and cake pops to elaborate sculpted treats.