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Nothing Can’t Be Undone By a Hotpot (2024) — Movie Review

If you're fascinated by odd movie titles, then "Nothing Can’t Be Undone By a Hotpot" is a winner. More than its intriguing title, the film is a riveting Chinese mystery dealing with stolen money, a human corpse and a seemingly endless stream of secrets packed like dirty laundry waiting to be unfolded.

The plot unfurls when a cryptic text brings together four friends in a quirky mahjong/Chinese opera bar managed by the group's enigmatic leader, Nine Cakes. Their faceless relations get a texture as they commit to a supposed easy heist which involves breaking into a near-demolition apartment to steal a suitcase hidden behind a bathroom wall.

As the characters, named after mahjong tokens, untangle the coupe, they discover not one but two suitcases, revealing another layer of mystery and dread - the second suitcase has a body, alive or dead, they cannot say. The heated discussions around their next move around a hotpot table form the crux of their story.

"Nothing Can’t Be Undone By a Hotpot" takes viewers on a roller coaster ride, surprising them at every turn, leaving them yearning for more. The mystery is served piping hot with each unfolding sequence inadvertently setting up the next. At the end of it all, the real show-stopper is not the plot itself but the seamless way it is presented.

Nothing Can’t Be Undone By a Hotpot (2024) — Movie Review

The chemistry between the four main characters, added to the mysterious fifth body, sets the film apart from recent releases. The dialogue is not overly dramatic, keeping with the light-heartedness of the situation. The characters in the movie don't merely converse, they perform, relaying secrets and forging a team that, surprisingly, works well despite crossing each other's paths continually.

"Nothing Can’t Be Undone By a Hotpot" captivates you with its quick wit that comes in the form of hilarious one-liners, interesting negotiations, and tactful conversations. Yet, there's a sense of light-heartedness that it purposefully retains keeping it frothy and playful.

The intermingling of the Chinese Opera performers with the group of thieves adds a charming quirkiness to the story. Their wrong speculations and self-indulgent performances contrast heavily to the serious negotiations of Nine Cakes' group, creating a multi-layered narrative.

The film's uniqueness and appeal are best captured in the team dynamics. Don't watch the movie expecting to be led to a particular end, instead, enjoy the exciting ride it takes you on. Although a sequel is hinted, it's the return of the original crew that makes the prospect truly thrilling.