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Marmalade (2024) - Movie Review

Movies & TV

By Olivia W.

- Feb 20, 2024

In a breathless mix of love and crime, Keir O'Donnell's first foray into the director's chair, "Marmalade," breaks the mold of its genre. This whimsical rom com, brushes not just at the boundary of a familiar 'bank robbery gone wrong' story or a Bonnie and Clyde-styled escapade, yet it holds its own distinct flavor. Musical in its unpredictability, it’s a movie that keeps the audience engrossed as it takes them on a roller coaster ride of emotions.

Joe Keery plays Baron, a hopeless romantic with a mane of hair who finds himself behind bars after an ill-conceived bank heist. His tale of misadventure, shared with his cellmate, Otis (played by Aldis Hodge), opens a window to his unending lapse of judgement, driven by love for Marmalade, an enchanted robber played by Camila Morrone. Marmalade, with her vibrant personality and affinity for the bank heist, is the sole spot of color in Baron's bleak existence. Their wild escapade takes a dramatic twist when law enforcement gets involved.

In the quest to preserve the unfolding surprises and twists the movie holds, it would be unfair to disclose any further details. Despite a slightly monotonous start, both narrative and characters take a dynamic turn, breaking the initial appraisal of a cliched 'boy meets girl, boy falls into crime' tale. Once the narrative rotates, the movie keeps springing surprises till the final round of credits.

Marmalade (2024) - Movie Review

After an impressive stint as an actor, O’Donnell decides to experiment with roles, stepping behind the camera for "Marmalade" as both writer and director. With its well-timed comedic punches and plot twists, "Marmalade" feels like the product of a seasoned director. O'Donnell's proficiency at storytelling comes through via cryptic clues tucked within the story, subtly pointing towards the yet to be caught criminal, Marmalade.

The performances of Keery and Morrone as the love smitten partners-in-crime, the captivating cinematography by Polly Morgan, and the pacing by editor Stewart Reeves all serve to set the stage for a dramatic denouement. The chemistry between Morrone and Keery further amplifies the over-the-top antics of the movie, adding layers to the narrative.

This is definitely a movie experience out of the ordinary for the audience. Brace yourself for a roller coaster ride of a love story intertwined with bank robberies and police pursuits. While the storyline might deviate from what you expected, this only adds to the film's appeal. So, be prepared, and bear witness to the cinematic sensation that is "Marmalade."


6 / 10

In his debut feature, Keir O'Donnell serves an unexpected blend of love, crime and comedy in the movie "Marmalade," taking sensation to thrilling new heights.