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Noise on Netflix - Review

The jury is still out on whether or not Noise, a film from Belgium is among the year's most underappreciated offerings. As the film's title suggests, Noise centers on the lives of social media influencers. After the birth of his baby, is 10 times more sensitive to loud or unusual noises.

Of course, Noise is about much more than just an influencer being active. We will go into more detail about that in our review. At the conclusion, we will also say whether we think you should stream Noise or pass it up.

If you are someone who is easily triggered by their surroundings, you might sympathize a little with the main character, Matthias.

If you are expecting a face-paced thriller, then Noise might not be the movie that you’re looking for. This movie is more of a slow burn with mystery, drama, and a smidge of horror. We will delve into this further in our review, so make sure you stick around until the very end.

Noise's central character Matthias, his wife Liv, and their son Julius all relocate to his father's old house. Matthias is a social media influencer. It has been clear from the start that he belongs to the category of influencers that enjoy sharing every detail of their lives.

He isn't the most endearing character in Noise, but it is clear that he is having trouble. Relocating to the new house, which is farther from the city, isn't helping either. Matthias is easily overwhelmed by loud noises and frequently snaps as a result. It isn't good that Julius constantly cries, especially at night when Liv is fast asleep.

In a nearby retirement community, Matthias' father, Pol, resides and has the propensity to wander off. When Pol and Matthias are returning to the retirement community one day, Pol gestures inexplicably menacingly in the direction of a factory, which quickly draws Noise and Matthias' attention.

When it comes to discussing the atrocities that occurred in the factory decades ago and left the entire town scarred, Pol isn't in the appropriate frame of mind. Matthias makes it his mission to discover what took place there, almost as if his father were forcing him to.

Liv ventures out into town and notices that not everyone is very friendly toward her. Or, too coherent to Pol. There is definitely a lot of mystery and questions that the viewers have in the first half of the movie.

Slowly and steadily, the more Matthias starts learning about the factory and everything that happened, he begins to slowly lose his mind. The noises only make things worse for him.

Noise is an incredibly dark movie. It had us worried for the welfare of Julius and Liv because Matthias was far from sane. Despite everything going wrong, Matthias made sure that he kept his followers informed about the factory and everything that happened, which might not be the smartest thing to do, but it doesn’t really play into the narrative of Noise.