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Outer Banks — Season 3, Episode 4 Recap

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By Katrina N.

- Mar 14, 2023

Big John begins Outer Banks season 3 episode 4 by berating the sky as he learns the diary is in ruins. The mini-cliffhanger from earlier is quickly resolved when John comes home. He greets Sarah and makes her feel at home. At the same time, the remaining children begin to adapt to life at the OBX once more. With Sarah's exception, the group has a heartwarming reunion with their parents.

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Given that the copy of the diary has been destroyed, John B. and his father keep looking for the original. They find Mr. Sunn's home as a result of their quest. But because he's not at home, the two break in and start sniffing around. However, a few smugglers turn up and are able to escape with the diary before John B. and his father can react. Thankfully, Mr. Sunn is inside, restrained but still very much alive.
A pursuit begins as John B and Big John set off in an effort to catch the goons. They continue on, switching from a car to a speedboat, and arrive at a standoff on the water. Actually, the two are smugglers who are working for Mr. Singh. They try to reach an agreement. They say that the diary near John's statue will take them to a larger treasure that will make them wealthy.

Sadly, the two have different plans. They aim to kill John B. and take his father to Singh. They think they will make more money and have less hassle. Big John shoots the smugglers dead as soon as he realizes they double-cross. John B is in shock, especially after seeing his father capsize the smuggler boat and tether the victims' corpses to anchors. He takes the diary and tells his son that he had to make this decision.

Outer Banks — Season 3, Episode 4 Recap

Sarah hears Rafe talking downstairs as she heads home to gather her belongings. Ward, who wants to donate the cross and atone for their crimes, is on the phone with him. Rafe initially balks but soon gives in. He notes Car 750X in Wilmington as the location of their meeting the following night. Barry is approached by Rafe, who offers him the task to steal the cross in exchange for money. Rafe has the check and obviously has bigger plans after Barry eventually goes after demanding 50% of the deal.

After learning this crucial information, Sarah manages to elude capture and tells Kie that they should be present to snoop around this meet. First, Kie rushes over to see JJ, but given the tension between them, their interaction is uneasy. Insinuating that she cares for JJ, Kie tells him that it caught her surprise as well.

John B. returns to shore while Sarah and the others are working on their plan, but he is quiet and visibly shaken by his father's behavior. Big John eagerly flips through the diary while unaware of his son's emotions. Charleston, in his opinion, will direct them to El Dorado. They talk about what happened when John B stops the car, and it seems to work because they get back on the road after that.

Season 3 of Outer Banks is available on Netflix.