Outer Banks — Season 3, Episode 5 Recap

The beginning of Outer Banks Season 3 Episode 5 is that the teens have returned to Kildare. Given that Singh is out looking for them, that is certainly not good news. Yet for the time being, the focus is on Sarah’s strategy for obtaining the cross.

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Pope’s goals are to get it back to honor its legacy. However, his parents are not happy with their son’s decision to engage in this. Pope’s father eventually gives in and agrees, but only after he promises not to break any laws.

John B and Big John search for Trinity Church in Charleston together. Despite their inability to locate the church, they do see a sign pointing them in the direction of Charleston Museum. While there, Big John discovers that the church’s records are in a downtown museum storage area close to the Battery. They focus on a target that has a keycard they need to use to enter.

They manage to get in after hours when the Director stumbles in intoxicated with his date at three in the morning. With the archives now quiet and undisturbed, John B. and his father start searching through them in search of anything.

Topper hears the news and approaches Sarah at the bar. The other heist—the one involving Sarah and the others—gets lucky. He agrees to help them with this after Sarah persuades him to give her his father’s truck. The party arrives at the railway yard in Wilmington with everything they require. The area is full with carriages, but ultimately they find themselves clinging to a moving train. The train just so happens to have the concerned carriage attached to it. Kie and JJ try to modify the current flowing through the tracks such that the signal turns red and the train comes to a complete stop.

Pope and Cleo fabricate a story, claiming to be infatuated and attempting to flee as police arrive to investigate. Amazingly, it appears to work, and the two are left alone to examine the railway cars on their own. They soon locate a package with Cameron Ward’s name on it inside one carriage, and they barely succeed in removing it before the train resumes its journey. When the police spot a rail robbery in progress, they start chasing after it.

JJ decides to rob the police while they’re on the road, so he drives back and breaks their windscreen while holding a rock in his hand. It successfully diverts the police’s attention, but Sarah is unwilling to give him up, so they turn around and move in the opposite direction. JJ stumbles from the bridge and lands on the ground below, but he sustains no injuries. Cor, the strength of the plot armor, am I correct? In any case, the police let them share a heartfelt reunion before ultimately requesting assistance.

The Twinkie has been taken by Carla and is gone when John B and Big John successfully exit the archives. Once they arrive at her home, she has left them a message confirming her responsibility, but it is still another major problem. Big John devises a fictitious scheme to persuade Limbrey of a miracle, and it works because they are able to flee with their vehicle.

In the final moments of the episode, it becomes clear that the train robbery was in vain. In fact, the package they have is a decoy rather than the cross. Where then is the true cross? So, it appears that Rafe is fed up with Barry.

Outer Banks season 3 is now available on Netflix.