Outer Banks — Season 3, Episode 6 Recap

John B. begins Outer Banks Season 3 Episode 6 by remembering the epic tales his father used to tell him when he was younger. Now he knows the full horrors of what these treasure hunts. Bloodshed, betrayals, and death—he knows what they really entail. It’s not nearly the glamorous experience he had previously imagined.

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Abiding by his father, John B informs his buddies that their trip to Charleston was a waste of time. Sarah tries to get John B to tell the truth in private. But it’s unclear to her why he’s lying to all of his buddies. But, he declines as manufactured angst becomes the day’s special. Sarah storms out while the others continue walking.

John B and Big John set out on the road once more. The goal is to find Kelly Kepler, a former graduate school classmate. She unfortunately died. She had recently returned from an expedition in South America with a number of other professors. During it, she made an important discovery about a ruin in the forest. This cannot be a coincidence and may very likely be Singh’s doing.

There are others dealing with betrayals besides John B. Rafe betrays his father by saying that everyone back home believes he is dead. As a result, he is staying to expand the family business. He dismisses the missing crucifix as well and corrects his father.

According to the standard teen drama formula, Sarah returns to meet Topper, and after a few drinks, the two decide to attend a large party. While down at the dock, JJ observes Barry and Rafe talking about the gold on their boat. He overhears them and discovers what they are doing. He relays this information to Pope, who is upset after learning that he was put in a lower-grade classroom as a result.

Pope chooses to end things immediately as a result. When Pope finds out that the cross has been melted down, this blow is only made worse. He declares, “I’m weary of being the good person,” and walks away.

Meanwhile, Big John appears to visit Dr. Tommy Sowell, his former business partner. He alleges that Big John had previously betrayed him. As Tommy sees the statue, now intact, his nervousness persists. Tommy expresses caution and warns the two to keep their distance because things could get dangerous. Before he can finish his speech, an assassin appears and knocks Tommy down with a deadly dart. He points out a place to place the statue.

But, Big John gains the upper hand by mentioning that Singh requires a translator in order to find the treasure. Given that he recently killed the other, he is the only person still alive who can translate this statue (Tommy). As a result, Singh and Big John are brought to the boat, leaving John B behind and facing likely death while being held at gunpoint. Fortunately, he succeeds in shoving sand in the thugs’ eyes and running off.

In the meantime, Sarah and Topper end up having a drink together. In front of the fire, he apologizes to her and says he only wants her to be happy. After receiving a cheek kiss from him, Sarah chooses to give him a proper kiss in return.

Season 3 of Outer Banks is now available on Netflix.