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Recap: Capturing the Killer Nurse on Netflix

The Good Nurse, a Netflix original series, has the perfect documentary partner in Capturing the Killer Nurse. This 90-minute film features eyewitness accounts, police interviews, and authentic historical photographs from the time period to provide context and horror to Cullen's murders. Cullen also made some eerily ominous audio recordings

To fill in the blanks, Charles Cullen was a serial killer from New Jersey who had a terrible upbringing and an unsettling preoccupation with drugs. Cullen, while employed as a nurse, intentionally overdosed multiple patients, telling them he was trying to prevent them from experiencing cardiac or respiratory arrest. But this is immediately disproven by the discovery that some of Cullen's patients weren't even dying. This individual was careful and crafty, often slipping insulin into IV bags or switching to digoxin to avoid detection.

After his imprisonment, Cullen admitted to killing between 30 and 40 people, although some experts believe the true number may be closer to 400. If that were the case, he'd have to be considered a top serial killer.

The documentary turns its attention from Charlie Cullen's mental state and methods to the investigators and individuals working closely with law enforcement, particularly Amy Loughren, who helped to arrest Cullen before he could commit further murders.

The narrative moves quickly, and there is both descriptive language and a rapidly flowing chronology to help us keep track of where we are in the inquiry and what day it is.

Aesthetically, the video combines talking head interviews with archival footage, and then utilizes that audio over oblique re-enactments that are more provocative and creative than they are brutal or disturbing.

The picture is wonderfully made, however there are few instances where the style becomes excessive.