Review & Recap: ‘Something From Tiffany’s’ Trailer

In Something from Tiffany’s, an extra dose of magic — in a modern fairy tale form — is added to the romantic mix. The story opens in New York on Christmas Eve, with two men heading toward Tiffany’s for different reasons.

After his wife Jane died, Ethan could not find happiness with other women — until he met Vanessa. To fulfill Jane’s lifelong dream of owning a piece of Tiffany’s, Ethan buys an engagement ring for Vanessa.

Gary has spent a lot of money on himself and realizes he still hasn’t bought presents for his girlfriend Rachel. He grabs an inexpensive silver charm bracelet at Tiffany’s.

The two men switched bags in the confusion that follows. It’s not as easy to reunite the gifts with their intended recipients as one might think. Will fate have other plans for these couples, or can a bit of Tiffany’s magic make everything all right again?

The story draws you in from the start and keeps you guessing. It is easy to see Gary as a villain, but it is not always clear-cut. The romantic comedy surprises the viewers with unexpected plot twists leading up to a surprising ending that is always more complex than you might have thought.