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Under Paris (2024) — Movie Review

Xavier Gens's latest release, "Under Paris", has quickly claimed the top spot on the Netflix charts. The movie is an engaging mix of the intensity seen in Spielberg's "Jaws" and the ludicrous final act comparable to the infamous "Sharknado". While the movie may seem predominantly comedic due to its outlandish plot twists and heavy reliance on CGI and stylish visuals, it serves as an enjoyable time-passer for viewers looking for a thrill amidst the mundane routine.

"Under Paris" is set in the heart of the city, the Seine, which is a breeding ground for sharks. The film starts with a marine researcher, Sophia Assalas, who is on a quest to find a mako shark called Lilith. Sophia's mission becomes personal when her spouse is killed while trying to obtain a blood sample from Lilith. Fast forward three years, Sophia discovers Lilith in the Seine, coincidentally, the venue for an upcoming triathlon. Like "Jaws", there is a tension build-up as Sophia and her team anticipate a potential disaster, however, their warnings fall on deaf ears as the mayor refuses to take the necessary precautions. Stuck amidst this impending crisis is Adil, the local cop, who is sure to join forces with Sophia to prevent a bloodbath.

Under Paris (2024) — Movie Review

Despite its prolonged setup, "Under Paris" cashes in on its thrilling plotlines that tell-tale signs of what's coming in the final act. In resemblance to the legendary Emmerich, Gens manages to deliver an incredibly exciting spectacle in the climax that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

While a smarter and more edited version of "Under Paris" could have been more appealing, its simplicity and direct approach make it a perfect watch on Netflix. The movie does harbor some ecological commentary and political satire. However, the essence of "Under Paris" revolves around the primal fear of creatures of the deep and unsuspecting swimmers, something that transcends any language barrier.