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She-Hulk S1 E6 Recap: 'Just Jen'

Episode 6 turns out to be a self-contained wedding episode at an awkward point in the season since episode 5 finished on a cliffhanger teasing the return of Daredevil.

A conflicted Jen hopes to impress all of her former pals by showcasing her impressive work performance and real superpowers. However, "Shulky" is forbidden from the wedding in order to protect the bride. Lulu has no interest in any of these areas of Jen's life and is just concerned that she is single.

Which could change if Josh proves to be a real good guy rather than a sneaky bad guy breaching Shulky's barriers. The encounter with Josh should make up for the dancefloor altercation with Titania that resulted in Titania slipping on ice and chipping her teeth.

Back in the office, Mallory and Nikki are working on a divorce case for a man named Craig Hollis, a fictional character who has the ability to resurrect because he is the next step in human evolution.

Even though Mr. Immortal never attempts to resolve conflicts and repeatedly destroys spouses and families, he yet believes himself to be a kind person.

This is an additional instance of the use of superpowers to accentuate and magnify genuine human concerns, weaknesses, and failings.

Additionally, it implies that not everyone born with special talents becomes an Avenger and that superpowers are quite prevalent in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.