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Sometimes When We Touch — S1, Ep1 Review

Movies & TV

By Elliot W.

- Jan 18, 2023

Sometimes When We Touch uncovers the music that defined the 70s — soft rock.

Following events like Vietnam and Watergate, the question that defines a generation's musical tastes shifts from "Are You Experienced?" to "Have You Never Been Mellow?"

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The top performers of the era and are now reliving the wave of soft rock that swept through in the '70s as America becomes more in tune with itself. Season 1 Episode 1 of Sometimes When We Touch describes the rise and transition of soft rock.

The episodes start with noticeable people in the music industry, such as Sherly Crow, Darryl McDaniels, Stewart Copeland, and L. A Reid, Pat Monahan, David Pack, Richard Max, and Nancy Wilson explore how music transformed in the 1970s. From Soft rock, and hard rock to rap and the resurrection of soft rock again. These individuals explore some of the best-known songs from the 1970s and their impact.

Steve Marshall, formerly a program director at KNX-Fm between 1970 and 1979, discusses why the word soft does not define soft rock. He states that the term “pretty rock” is better, and it comprises five different genres. These genres are jazz, pop, rock, folk, smooth jazz, and R&B. Furthermore, the docuseries explores the concept of mellow rock. As well as how individuals started to embrace the music because there was no violence. It was smooth, and it resonated with the lives of other people.

The speakers then explore how they related to the music and their favorite artists, such as Elton John and Richard Carpenter. They describe them as one of the finest groups that the united states has ever witnessed. The carpenters are big deal in the 70s and sold over 100 million units. They describe Karen Carpenter as a great drummer with a brilliant voice whose musical brilliance is incomparable.

They discuss the topic of sexuality and how the music of the time changed the sexual lifestyle of individuals. The concept of masculinity was defined during this period. Men were on album covers instead of female bodies. Furthermore, the artists focused on love songs and ballads to talk about their feelings.

The hosts explore the concept of soft rock. They say it is complex and tangible. It sounds like rock and tastes like pop. It is challenging to write soft rock music. The keyboard was to be softer to meet the needs of soft rock. This allowed the creation of a gentle, moody, and swaying feeling.

The hosts explore how their heartbreaks played a role in composing their music, such as Dan Hill Sometimes composing When We Touch and Ambrosia writing Baby Come Back. Additionally, the relationship between Captain and Tennille is in this episode. Both of them were thought to be in a relationship because of how they presented themselves in their music and television. But in reality, Captain did not want to pursue a relationship with Tennile, who wanted to pursue a relationship with Daryl Dragon. This episode is a must-watch for music lovers especially soft rock fans.

Sometimes When We Touch is now streaming on Paramount+.


7 / 10