Stranger Things Season 4 Episode 1 Recap

Stranger Things Season 4

Stranger Things Season 4 is back!  Here is our recap of episode 1.

We start with a flashback to the early days of the project that gave El (then Eleven) her psychic powers. Season 1 villain, Dr. Brenner, starts his day with a quick cup of coffee and crossword solving. Brenner asks his latest test subject, Ten, to psychically look for Dr. Ellis. Ten is concerned because he observes Dr. Ellis with a child named Six, who have both suddenly died.

Brenner is then knocked unconscious as he starts to investigate. Upon waking, he walks the halls, and numerous bodies are laid over the floor. Blood and glass are found everywhere and every test subject appears to be dead. The only one left is a younger version of Eleven, who appears to have been the one behind the killings.

Flash forward to the present (well the 1980s anyway)

Our recurring cast of characters has been split up after the events of season 3. Joyce has taken El and her sons Jonathan and Will to California to keep El off the radar of the government researchers who created her. Hopper, who the crew believes is dead, is actually in a Russian prison. The rest of the crew (Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Max, Nancy, Steve, and Erica) remain in Hawkins, as life goes on. But, we know things won’t stay quiet for long. 

We also meet some new characters, including Eddie – a Dungeons & Dragons fan who leads the Hellfire Club of kids who play the game and take a few drugs. We also meet cheerleader Chrissy and basketball star Jason. 

The new season starts to take shape as Joyce receives a strange Russian doll in the mail, making her wonder if Hopper may have somehow survived the explosion at the end of last season. El is constantly bullied in her new school and without powers, she struggles to stay positive, sending Mike regular letters. Max continues to struggle with her brother’s death. And odd things are starting to happen in Hawkins, as Chrissy is haunted by strange visions of her family and a ticking grandfather clock. 

Chrissy is so distraught over her waking visions (a lot like Nightmare on Elm Street, only she isn’t asleep) that she seeks out Eddie for whatever drugs he might have that can help her stay awake. But, as Eddie searches his mobile home for some drugs, Chrissy falls into a trance controlled by a creature from the Upside Down, who is able to kill her remotely, leaving Eddie terrified and on the run.

Watch Or Not

Stranger Things returns bolder, bloodier, and exceeds expectations. The first episode did a heck of a job keeping viewers stuck in their seats.

Most certainly a watch.

4 out of 5 stars.