Stranger Things Season 4 Episode 4 Recap

Stranger Things Season 4 has not disappointed so far. Check out our recap of episode 4 as the stakes get higher and higher.


n Episode 4 of Stranger Things Season 4, things kick into high gear.

Joyce and Murray fly to Alaska to deliver Hopper’s ransom to Enzo’s contact, Yuri. But, Yuri has plans of his own. He drugs Joyce and Murray, planning to turn them over to the Russians for a bounty, while also double-crossing Enzo and keeping the ransom money for himself. Yuri is a real peach. 

Meanwhile, Hopper enacts his escape plan, but is soon recaptured and Enzo’s part in the plot is exposed and he is taken into custody, as well. 

Back in CA, Jonathan, Will, and Mike are under the protection of Owens’ team of government agents. But, that security is short-lived, when soldiers attack the house. The team escapes with the help of Argyle, leaving one agent behind. The agent who makes it out with them has been shot and looks like he won’t make it. 

Nancy and Robin hatch a plan to interview Victor Creel in the psychiatric ward and he recounts how his family was tormented and murdered by some supernatural force. Max is making plans for what happens if Vecna kills her, writing letters to each of her friends. As she reads her letter to her deceased brother Billy, she is possessed by Vecna and she finds herself transported mentally to his strange lair in the Upside Down. Nancy and Robin learn that music may be a way to break Vecna’s spell and Steve, Dustin, and Lucas play Max’s favorite song in an attempt to help her escape. 

The music opens a portal into the Upside Down and Max is able to escape back to the real world, avoiding certain death at the hands of Vecna. 

Watch it or Not?

We’re all in at this point – of course, you should watch it!

4.5 out of 5.