Stranger Things Season 4 Episode 6 Recap

Stranger Things season 4 episode 6 is in the books and we’re here with a great recap of all the excitement!

Stranger Things

We’re steamrolling toward the end of Part 1 of Stranger Things Season 4, so let’s check in on episode 6!

El is working with Dr. Brenner and Owens to regain her memories. In the sensory deprivation tank, she has memories of an orderly who was nice to her back in the facility, telling her not to trust Dr. Brenner. She also remembers that even in the facility, she was bullied by the other subjects, many of whom were older and far more powerful psychics. She believes that she is responsible for the massacre at the facility, as Dr. Brenner also believes. 

Mike, Jonathan, Will, and Argyle meet up with Suzie and her utterly bizarre family in Utah. Suzie helps them locate the GPS coordinates of the IP address where the phone number is located. 

In Russia, Hopper, Enzo, and the other inmates in the special section of the prison are given a lavish feast. Hopper warns them that the food is just to fatten them up before they are all eaten by the Demogorgon from the Upside Down that is kept in a cage in the prison. But, Hopper isn’t giving up. He knows that one thing the Demogorgon fears is fire and he manages to steal a lighter from a guard. 

Joyce and Murray force Yuri to take them to a nearby town where he keeps his contraband. They hatch a new plan to have Murray impersonate Yuri, bringing Joyce and the gagged Yuri into the prison as the American prisoners. 

Back in Hawkins, the Sherrif is trying to keep the citizens calm, but an angry Jason amps up the mob, telling them that he has seen the evidence that Eddie is the leader of a Satanic cult, with dangerous powers, based on what he saw in the lake when Patrick was killed. The town mobilized, but the parents of our heroes make a quick exit. 

The crew meets up with Eddie and they go searching for a gate into the Upside Down, where they can face off against Vecna. The gate appears to be in the middle of the lake (the same place where Patrick was killed). Steve dives down to verify the gate is there, but is pulled into the Upside Down. He is promptly attacked by a swarm of bat-like creatures. Nancy, Robin, and eventually Eddie all dive down after him as the episode ends. 

Watch it or not?

Silly question. Of course, you should watch it!

4.5 out of 5.