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The Summer I Turned Pretty - S2, E8 Recap

The eighth episode of The Summer I Turned Pretty’s sophomore season kicks off with Conrad acing his exams. Eager to share his triumph, he phones Steven, who in turn urges him to confront his feelings for Belly. But when Conrad sees Belly locking lips with Jeremiah, he's overcome with anger, throwing sarcastic comments before storming off.

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Jeremiah nudges Belly to make amends with Conrad. Meanwhile, Laurel and Steven share a car ride, discussing their romantic entanglements with Cleveland and Taylor.

Conrad, back in his dorm, learns from his roommate that Belly and Jeremiah sought him out earlier this summer. Discovering the infinity necklace Belly left, Conrad ponders their summer experiences.

While waiting for Conrad's return, Belly assures Jeremiah her kiss wasn’t a jab at Conrad. Finally, Conrad reappears, driving Belly home but irking both siblings with snarky remarks about her.

Steven meets up with Taylor, only to discover she's not alone; her friends are with her. That's when Steven learns that Milo has released a diss album targeting him. After the friends depart, Taylor and Steven heatedly disagree on which Fisher brother is right for Belly, ending their evening on a contentious note.

Caught in a storm, the trio-Belly, Conrad, and Jeremiah-decide to exit the highway. During a pit stop, the brothers clash over Belly's snack preferences. The store owner interrupts, warning them of road closures and advising a motel stay.

At the motel, Belly picks Conrad's snack over Jeremiah's, triggering an intimate discussion between her and Jeremiah about their feelings. Jeremiah encourages Belly to clarify her emotions for Conrad before proceeding further, a conversation she promises will happen the next day.

Concurrently, Jeremiah confronts Conrad, imploring him to admit his feelings for Belly. Jeremiah argues that both Conrad and Belly deserve happiness, even if it means letting her go.

In the motel room, Belly consults Laurel, who recommends embracing the freedom to love freely. Laurel then attends a writers' event, impressing her peers with a novel excerpt about Belly and Susannah's relationship.

Tension fills the motel room as Belly, Conrad, and Jeremiah try to sleep. Awake, Conrad finally whispers to Belly that he still loves her. This triggers a flashback to a heart-wrenching moment between Belly and Susannah.

The next day, Belly can't find Conrad but breathes a sigh of relief when she does. She tells Jeremiah that her thoughts are focused solely on him, and they share a passionate kiss.

Later, Belly and Conrad have an adult conversation. Conrad admits his jealousy over her kiss with Jeremiah, revealing he intentionally fanned the flames between them.

Belly feels ready to let go of her feelings for Conrad, but he insists she keep the infinity necklace. They part ways, agreeing to meet on July 4th at the beach house.

Outside Taylor's house, Steven arrives with Belly's bag, just in case. They argue, but ultimately Steven reassures Taylor about their relationship, and they too share a kiss.

At the volleyball camp, Steven is supportive of Belly and Jeremiah, who has come to cheer her on. Belly commits to her team, convincing Coach Shaw to let her rejoin.

As the season closes, Belly excels in volleyball, contemplating how her life's reality diverges from her past dreams involving Conrad. Simultaneously, Conrad nostalgically sets up the beach house just like Susannah used to.

So, another season concludes, leaving fans torn between "Team Jellyfish" and "Team Bonrad." The song "Exile" by Taylor Swift played in this episode may offer a glimpse into what lies ahead. However, what's unquestionable is the compelling chemistry between Steven and Taylor- a dynamic that promises to keep viewers glued to the screen in the upcoming season.