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Thursday’s Widows - Season 1, Episode 5 Recap

Movies & TV

By Steven C.

- Oct 3, 2023

In the fifth episode of "Thursday’s Widows," the spotlight is turned on Gustavo and Carla Maldonado, a couple from Altos de las Cascadas, whom we know very little about. Carla is introduced to the house as a birthday present from Gustavo, who endeavored to share his excitement, sensing his eagerness to plant roots in this new territory.

Gustavo, having no attachment to the memorabilia of their past dwelling, envisaged a fresh start, furnished with new belongings and aspirations for a family. Carla, however, favored a pause, to which he agreed.

Soon, Gustavo blended with Tano's crew. He is indulging in tennis and the men’s Thursday gatherings, while Carla feels like a misfit in this environment. Gustavo visualized her as the glamorous, idle partner. He dismisses her educational background in design and coaxes her into Mariana’s art sessions.

Gustavo's desire for aesthetic perfection made him obsess over their physical fitness, causing tensions with Carla. Yet, he manipulated the narrative, making Carla feel guilty for their arguments, asserting his toiling was for their opulent life.

As Gustavo assimilated into the men's circle, Carla, reluctantly participating in art lessons, found a confidante in Carmen. Carmen empathizes with her situation, seeing reflections of her younger self in Carla. Warnings from Carmen and Rosa about her suspected pregnancy and Gustavo's increasingly erratic behavior started painting a worrying picture.

Carla, aspiring for social integration, overlooked Lala’s shopping whims, utilizing Gustavo’s credit, unknowingly setting a tumultuous confrontation in motion. Despite her attempts to reconcile with Gustavo and unexpected developments in their family, mistrust and anger ruled their interactions.

Carla, yearning for professional engagement, collaborated with Mavi on a non-monetary basis. Her latent realization about Gustavo’s volatile temperament made her contemplate her escape and sought Mavi’s assistance for an undisclosed medical procedure.

Carla orchestrated her departure, maintaining a façade of normalcy. Mavi facilitated her escape, leading to Gustavo’s explosive breakdown. Mavi admired Carla’s resolve to abandon Altos de las Cascadas, attributing her decision to her lack of emotional investment in Gustavo’s dream.

Gustavo’s resultant despair led him to a perilous pact with Martín and Tano. Tano, exploiting the vulnerabilities of his friends, orchestrated a tragic ending, revealing his true, predatory nature.

The exploration of the disturbing themes in this episode highlighted the grim reality of Carla’s existence. Carla's enduring abuse, her resulting critical decisions, and her eventual escape echoed the silent battles of many, making her character a beacon of relatability and strength in the turbulent landscape of Altos de las Cascadas.

Thursday’s Widows is now streaming on Netflix.