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Thursday’s Widows - Season 1, Episode 6 Recap

Movies & TV

By Jessica R.

- Oct 5, 2023

In episode 6 of “Thursday’s Widows”, the narrative takes a closer inspection of the Guevara family dynamics. Until this point, Mavi had only enlightened the audience about the other families living in Altos de las Cascadas. The time has arrived for her to reveal her family’s tales.

Mavi and Ronnie were jubilant when they first relocated to Altos de las Cascadas, especially due to obtaining the house at a generous discount, the result of its good condition maintained by the former owner, a widower who ended his life in the garden, still clad in his military attire. This tragic history became a negotiating tool for Mavi. Ronnie, filled with zest for life and dedication to his spouse, was just content to be there.

Nevertheless, the competitive family environment begins to take a toll on Ronnie over time. The constant pressure to outdo himself, earning him the nickname “Ronnie, the Promising”, starts to wear him down. Mavi, initially enjoying his company, feels fortunate to be with him.

But, as fate would have it, Ronnie’s unemployment forces Mavi to bear the financial burdens. The long hours of work and household responsibilities leave her weary and craving companionship, finding solace in conversations with Wagner. Mavi’s frustrations are amplified by her son’s brush with drug-related scandal and potential scholarship loss.

The situation deteriorates as Ronnie, ensconced in his cannabis cultivation project, rejects familial support and tensions escalate between him and Mavi. Soon, Tano proposes an insurance fraud scheme as the best course of action to secure the families’ financial future. This makes their deaths look like accidents.

In a twist of fate, Tano ends up drowning Gustavo in the pool, after the latter has a change of heart about the plan. Then, Tano and Martín meet their demise through an automated snow machine accident, leaving behind a recorded evidence of the events.

This evidence finds its way to the widows’ group chat during the memorial service for Martín and Tano, causing upheaval and leading to an emergency meeting. Alfredo, trying to keep the truth buried, receives support from everyone except Mavi, who opposes such concealment.

Mavi confesses her liaison with Wagner to Ronnie, causing more strain. Despite the hardships, by the episode’s end, a ray of hope seems to dawn on them. The families decide to move on from the dark past and embrace a hopeful future, albeit with a few anticlimactic moments in the episode.

The true revelation is Tano’s role in Gustavo’s death. The consequences of the tragic incidents have left a mark on the residents of Altos de las Cascadas, pushing them to bury the truth and move forward. The cover-up of insurance fraud persists. But, there's an indication that Mavi might pen down the reality, potentially revealing the truth.

Tano and Martín’s deaths and Gustavo’s murder underline the significance of living within one’s means and making prudent financial decisions. Life, despite its hurdles, provides ample opportunities for redemption and growth.

The series leaves the audience contemplating the profound impacts of our choices, reflecting on the importance of resilience and acceptance. Life's relentless challenges demand a balance between aspiration and reality, pushing everyone to live with integrity and wisdom.

Thursday’s Widows is now streaming on Netflix.