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Vikings: Valhalla Episode 2 Recap

Movies & TV

By Patricia B.

- Mar 11, 2022

In case you haven't already binge watched the entire season, here's a recap of Episode 2 of Vikings: Valhalla.

Where We Left Off

Leif and Freydis are sitting in Viking prison awaiting their fate (for her attack on and accusation of Olaf). Leif admits he's proud of his sister for standing up for herself.

The next day in the great hall, Jarl leads the trial. In the old ways, she would be within her right to take revenge. But apparently they live in different times. (Do they really though?) She needs to require further proof. Or … trial by combat. The men laugh at the thought of Freydis having to face Olaf (a male).

Harald (the half-brother, remember?) speaks up from the shadows. What's proposed is Lief entering the military service on behalf of Cnut to fulfill Freydis's punishment.


We see an older King Aethelred (son of Alfred the Great) speak to Saxons in the previous area that was once Danelaw. He preaches the eradication of the Vikings and restoration of English (and Christin) presence.

Vikings: Valhalla Episode 2 Recap

However, at home, he is ill. His queen is Emma of Normandy. Side note, at this point the Battle of Hastings is about to take place. The Battle of Hastings was when William the Conquerer, from Normandy, France, took England by force and set up his throne in London.

While Aethelred is on his deathbed, Emma pledges to meet force with force against the Vikings. It's clear she is the smart one left in court. Their son, Edmund, is seems unsure and weak. But let's not count out Godwin yet, the king's advisor.

Godwin and Edmund make a little road trip to Mercia to convince the king there to join forces against the Vikings. On the way back, they hear bells toll that Aethelred has passed. Edmund is now king.


Meanwhile, In Kattegat, the Vikings are gearing up for battle. Weapons, armor, supplies, and most importantly, the longships they are widely known for. And in case you need to learn how to distinguish the Vikings from the English, the Vikings all have lumberjack beards and man buns.

Freydis says a tearful goodbye to her brother and the rest of her brother's ship crew from their homeland. She also shares a sentimental goodbye with Harald, handing him one of her necklaces. It doesn't go unnoticed by Lief.

The Vikings plan their military tactics. Lief has mutiny on his ship when one of the Vikings kills a Christian for bringing bad luck to their sailing. Lief kills the man himself, just as they spot England in the distance.

Jarl sends Freydis to Upsala to "seek her destiny".