Will Trent — Season 1, Episode 3 Recap

Episode three of Will Trent takes place in a fictional Georgian town named Lake Lanier.

In this episode, Amanda gives a rundown of the situation to Will and Faith. It came as a shock to everyone when the body of Mayor Randy was found on his boat, which was deliberately set on fire. Before that, a woman comforts a weeping old guy beside the river. Faith is anxious about visiting the city because of its racist past. Will tells her to stop being a doormat and start solving crimes. They receive a flat tire early on in the case and have to bring it to Otis, the local mechanic.

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Otis says, “he is prepared for what is coming,” when Will initiates a conversation. Randy is a member of the “lizard peoples,” whoever that may be. At the central office again, Angie and Ormewood are investigating a murder with no clear motive. A man is discovered dead, and at first, authorities believe he died from a fall. The gravel on the wounds, the coroner reveals, is evidence that he struck something before falling. They question Parno, a coworker who may have witnessed what happened.

Both are building maintenance personnel, and it is their job to set up a new window. According to Parno, the deceased man, John, was struck by a pipe swung by several iditols and subsequently fell to his death. Stranger still, Parno did not flinch as the man ran right at him through the building’s entrance. Unless the man has an identical twin, he will be able to tell them apart. He actually has two of them!

The Investigation

Josie Miller, the sheriff, meets them and gives them a rundown of what transpired. Even after being shot, Randy tries to escape in his boat. The gunman ran toward him, realizing all their blood had spilled over the boat. The only way to destroy all traces of it was to burn it. Will also finds a bloody nail the gunman stepped on while heading to the Mayor and submits it as proof. Will and Faith are investigating a murder that occurred in their hometown thirty years ago after he tells them that his wife found a small orange station wagon on their porch.

Adam Merrick, the elderly man we saw in the opening scene, was the Sheriff back when a black family’s bodies were discovered in their orange station wagon in the woods. Josie says that a few days ago, she found a similar toy in the woods next to the body of Alan Kramer, who had also been found dead there. Her initial explanation is that it was just another shooting accident, but Will is convinced there is a pattern. When the probe begins to affect Amanda personally, she rushes to the town the following morning to lend a hand.


While perusing the records, it becomes clear that Sheriff Merrick knows nothing about the case. Faith realizes that a witness provided him with a half plate and he never mentioned it. Angie and Ormewood try several strategies at the HQs to elicit a response from the brothers. When Angie suggests they change course, her partner has a hard time letting go. Ormewood’s wife, Gina, has invited her and her husband over for dinner, which presents a second problem. She has second thoughts since she feels bad about her relationship with Ormewood and is reluctant to make a decision.

Episode 3 of Will Trent is now available for streaming on ABCFamily.