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Apple Device Trade-In Program - Good for Your Wallet and the Environment


By Lily Poh

- Oct 14, 2020

Trading in your old or unused Apple device is one way to recoup some of your initial expenses when you are no longer using that device. Many Apple fans may be surprised at how easy Apple has made it to receive a quote for your device and return it for credit towards a new purchase or a gift card. Also, Apple's price transparency makes it easy to compare your custom quote with quotes from big box stores like Best Buy or other online marketplaces like Amazon, who may offer similar trade-in programs. 

Trading in Your Apple Device is Simple  

First, head over to Apple’s trade-in webpage. By entering your device's specific serial number and condition, you will receive a custom quote that will be valid for roughly 21 days. For example, Apple is currently quoting iPhones and iPads for up to $500, and Apple Watches up to $190 (*estimates on the Apple website when this article was published). 

Next, if the price is right, accept the offer and agree to be transferred to Apple's device trade-in partner, Phobio. Phobio will provide you with a return envelope and tracking to make it easy to drop your device in the mail for your credit or gift card. Once the device has been received and evaluated, your credit or gift card will be on its way.

Apple Device Trade-In Program - Good for Your Wallet and the Environment

Keep in mind there are many marketplaces on which you can resell your used Apple devices (along with other types of tech gadgets and devices). Getting top dollar for your device trade-in is one area where it can pay to do your homework. However, if a simple, fast turnaround process is what you need - Apple's trade-in program is hard to beat for ease of use. 

The Environment Will Thank You For Your Efforts

Trading in your unused device can be a great way to recoup some of your investment and reclaim some of your countertop space. However, it can also be a win for the environment when you keep devices out of landfills. In the best-case scenario, their team will repurpose the device for use by someone else. In the worst-case scenario, Apple will help you recycle the device in the most eco-friendly way possible. 

In conclusion, whether you are trading in a device toward purchasing a new device or opt for a gift card toward a future purchase, Apple's device trade-in process is one of many quick, easy ways to get money back for your unused device.